Make Noise Strega Synthesizer Official Specifications

Make Noise today officially introduced Strega, a new semi-modular synthesizer, designed in collaboration with synthesist Alessandro Cortini.

Strega can be used as a synth, as a control signal generator or to process external sounds.

This new instrument has the same form factor as the 0-COAST and 0-CTRL. It was designed to be controlled by the 0-CTRL or the 0-COAST’s MIDI CV B outputs. It can also be integrated with Eurorack modules.


  • Patchable with 7 sources and 13 destinations
  • Touch Bridges and Gateways for momentary modulation routings
  • Compatible w/ Eurorack Modular Synthesizer Signals
  • Input for combining with or processing outside sounds
  • Includes patch cables, output cable, and AC Adapter
  • Headphone and Line Level Amplifier as well as Eurorack Output
  • Small Rugged Steel Enclosure
  • Same form factor as 0-Coast and 0-CTRL

Pricing and Availability

The Make Noise Strega is expected to be available in February for $599 USD.

11 thoughts on “Make Noise Strega Synthesizer Official Specifications

    1. That depends on your personal definition of “musical”. To me, it sounds highly pleasant. I feel oversaturated with the sugar-sweet and polished sounds from many contemporary mainstream synths, so this is a welcome diversion.

  1. Looks like a lot of fun. It feels like a big brother for my nebulophone, which is also a lot of fun. That is all digital, but I still have no idea whether this is digital or not. I still don’t get what the delay is. Nick asked “is it a BBD” and I think the answer was “that’s not the right question”…

    Also interesting is the idea that this is a product like an album release to be enjoyed, in that it lets you get further inside the head of the composer/designer.

    That said I might stick with my nebulophone for now.

    1. From what I understand the delay is digital, the PT2399 chip (Cortini called it a Karoke delay, and that’s the original goal of the PT2399)

  2. Hmm..I saw the premiere last night..nice box – clever move: I think MN is simply expanding their market by putting the sonic tools of their modulars into desktop boxes, like bite – sized modular stuff without the intimidating cables ..and price tags. That’s also what the 0 coast seemed to me. Plus, get a “celeb” like Cortini on board – but then he’s always been close to MN so that’s OK (unlike RDJ & Novation….)

  3. Hey if you think it sounds unpleasant that’s understandable, but I’d rather say it sounds very rich or raw, which is a great advantage because there is a lot of harmonic content to work with. Post filtering is almost always a great idea to get the most out of your synths, though some sound more rounded out of the box, which I can see is very appealing.

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