Novation Peak & Summit Patch Editor

Developer Momo Müller has released a third-party patch editor and controller for the Novation Peak & Summit synthesizers.

The Peak Summit Editor / Controller is an VST and standalone controller for the Peak and Summit synths. It can be used as an aid for patch creation, to control the synths from your DAW and to add additional performance controls.


  • Integrate the “Peak” and “Summit“ into your DAW.
  • Direct access to sound design parameters.
  • Parameters can be automated and they can be stored with your DAW Project.
  • Save your new sounds on your synth and the editor settings as VST Presets (..fxp) in the DAW.
  • With the X-Y-Pads, all Parameter can be selected and controlled.
  • On the Summit, Part A , B and AB can be edited separately.
  • Direct access to the mod matrix allows you to keep track of the sound modulation.
  • With the “Matrix Random function” of the Editor you can quickly create new sounds.
  • VST and Standalone for PC 32/64Bit
  • Mac 64Bit as VST, AU and Standalone

Pricing and Availability

The Peak Summit Editor / Controller is available now for 6,90€.

14 thoughts on “Novation Peak & Summit Patch Editor

  1. Before rushing to purchase, be sure to understand that this editor does not retrieve patch data from Peak/Summit when changing preset on the synth. It works flawlessly when you edit in both directions, but you cannot select a patch and see how the parameters are set on the stored patch. Unless you go through each individual parameter on your synth to match on the editor 🙁

      1. On the manual that is accessable once you purchase. I’m using this editor and no way to recall stored patches’ parameters

    1. I purchased. I cannot quite understand it. I can see the knobs in the app move when I adjust on corresponding knob on the Summit. So I believe the MIDI is connected correctly.

      Can the app open a sysex file from the computer, edit in the app, then send to Summit?

  2. Really hoping for a better experience here. Trying to get this to work in Ableton. The directions are not very clear. I’ve tried turning off Track/Remote/Sync in preferences like it said but there continues to be errors when connecting midi in the vst settings.

  3. Just wasted $8.50. The manual is next to useless and it’s so convoluted to figure out that I’m just going to stick with the Max4Live device that’s out there for Ableton. Don’t waste your money on this garbage software. Hopefully Novation makes an official one soon

  4. Just bought this to use in Logic or even as a standalone editor. I’m on a MacBook Pro M1. They don’t have a native version but it can’t run in rosetta automatically, so they tell you to run Logic in Rosetta. Even that doesn’t make it work as a plug-in. I was able to get the plug-in validated, but still will not show up in Logic’s plug-in instrument menu. This thing feels pretty broken to me.

    Why can’t there just be a solid editor for these devices. Even my SoundTower editors for Sequential stuff works better and I thought those had room for improvement.


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