Novation Circuit Rhythm Sampling Groovebox Coming This Summer

Along with today’s announcement of the Circuit Tracks, Novation has officially announced the Circuit Rhythm.

The Novation Circuit Rhythm builds on the capabilities of the original Circuit and the new Circuit Tracks by adding sampling, additional performance effects and more.

Based on the front panel, it looks like the Circuit Rhythm trades the synth and sequencing tracks of the Circuit Tracks for 8 sample tracks, with dedicated controls for sample editing. For fans of the Circuit workflow, it may not be a question of which of the new Circuit grooveboxes to get, but whether you want to get them both.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“Designed for an intuitive workflow, Circuit Rhythm comes as a blessing for beatmakers. Capture creative ideas quickly and build meticulous beats effortlessly. With Grid FX, Circuit Rhythm is the perfect performance tool – invigorate your live set with beat repeat, embrace imperfection with vinyl simulation, and more.

Record samples directly into the machine, sculpt them to suit your style, and resample. Playback samples however you choose, whether you’re chopping straight from vinyl, making basslines and melodies, or punching in drums. Create beats without complications with Circuit Rhythm.”

Pricing and Availability

Specifications and pricing details for the Novation Circuit Rhythm are still to be announced; it’s expected to be available in Summer 2021.

12 thoughts on “Novation Circuit Rhythm Sampling Groovebox Coming This Summer

  1. so they’re going the Pokemon-approach of the Korg Electribes where you have to collect them all to get all functionality … meh

    1. Exactly this. I love my Electribe 2 synth both as a groovebox and a sequencer for my Volcas etc. However, I felt so ripped off when I bought the Electribe 2 sample. Korg could have made the 1 with all the functionality. In fact a firmware hack on the originals made this possible. Luckily I picked the sample up used and didn’t loose any money on it when I quickly sold it.
      It would be disappointing if Novation are going down this route too.
      I don’t have a Circuit but was very much interested in one for the work flow. If it does turn out to be like the Electribe 2s that will have killed all my interest.

    1. Works perfectly on the 404SX, the sp303, the sampletrax, mpc 500 and others I havent used. Grant it, its going backwards in time but its possible and pretty gratifying using your ears to sample and edit. I used to chop my samples on the 404 then sample them into the mpc 2000xl cause it was faster.

  2. I like novation products, but if this doesn’t come in under 400 bucks buy an mpc one instead. The fact that the circuit line has no screens at all makes the mono station the only one worth having. What’s the point of hardware if you need to plug it into a computer and use a mouse to do any sound design? At least it looks like the macros have default defined functions now.

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