Novation Circuit Tracks Deep Dive

Novation shared this deep dive into their new Circuit Tracks groovebox – the latest in their Circuit family of grooveboxes.

The Circuit Tracks expands on the capabilities of the original circuit with features that many users asked for, including: dedicated MIDI sequencing tracks; DIN MIDI In, Out & Thru; sample loading via SD card; audio inputs for processing external audio; analog clock out and more.

In this video, originally streamed live, Novation synth specialist Chris Calcutt (-Calc-) offers a deep dive into the Circuit Tracks; shares his workflow tips; and shows how the new groovebox builds on the capabilities of the original Circuit.

In part 2, Calcutt digs into external synth sequencing, using Scenes to create arrangements and more.

4 thoughts on “Novation Circuit Tracks Deep Dive

      1. Yea so I’ve been told. I’ve seen a couple vids it’s not too bad for me personally, at half the cost of this, used of course, it makes it much more enticing. If both were brand new then yea circuit all the way lol

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