4 thoughts on “Generative Modular Music With A Eurorack System

  1. Very nice soundscaping. I probably would becoming nuts because all those patchcables. Beside that…i would use, if possible, a sampler or audio recorder because i like saving sound.

  2. I truly appreciate the comment about all the patch cables….I get lost in some of my patch-ups, on my Eurorack , when noodling or looking for a sound….(I take photos/notes on the patches that impress me) ….I use Marbles with Elements quite a bit n forever find new sonic landscapes….never ending unique undulating sound scapes….mesmerizing…..hard for me to get this sound using a virtual environment on a computer or a sampling board ….I had a Kurzweil 2500 for years and years….it frustrated me to tears…I don’t think I’m cut out to be a person for sampling…. I sold the Kurzweil to a person who loves it to this day….

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