Analogue Solutions Announces 4th Run Of Colossus Supersynth

British boutique electronic instruments manufacturer Analogue Solutions has announced plans for a fourth run of Colossus, its supersized synth that’s designed to be a retro futuristic take on the idea of a powerful analog workstation.

While it takes inspiration from the rare EMS Synthi 100, the Colossus is an original design, intended to be modern classic.

“I’ve sold way more than I expected,” explains Analogue Solutions’ Tom Carpenter. So the company is planning an additional run. Interested parties can add themselves to the Colossus waiting list. Analogue Solutions is also planning some upgrade options, which will be announced later this year.

Collossus in Action:

Pricing and Availability

The fourth Colossus run is in production and available to order for purchase, priced at £25,000.00 GBP (excluding tax and delivery) directly from Analogue Solutions.

23 thoughts on “Analogue Solutions Announces 4th Run Of Colossus Supersynth

  1. THAT is just ABSOLUTELY magnificent! I just _love_ to see companies take on instruments like this – it’s a ‘gift’ to the world, and nothing less. Pure poetry.

  2. having opened and working on many analogue solutions synths…they are not known for their high build quality. Ill stick with buying a bunch of behringer VCS3 clones for 3K.

  3. I truly hope some of those buyers are universities and other cultural/educational institutions so that these truly beautiful machines can be enjoyed by more than a bunch of rich collectors who are more than likely not making music as a living…

  4. We had a an EMS Synthi 100 in the music department at the university I went to, back in the early eighties. It truly was a magical synth beast to work with. Kudos to Analogue Solutions for creating these modern versions. I also hope along with buffaloketchup some end up in cultural/educational institutions for more people to experience.

  5. A portable version would be nice. Analogue Solutions should consider adding casters so the synth can be easily moved from room to room. I’d enjoy programming Colossus on the tea lawn, in the billiards room (with its inspirational view of the vineyard), or the wine cave (where the acoustics are sublime). A wonderful synth, I feel everyone who is anyone should own Colossus.

    1. Please. Castors? When one wants to move one’s synthetical sound machine from one room to another, one simply sends for a brace of footmen to do the job. What?

  6. Being an all-analog behemoth that looks like about 16 VCS3s mashed into one giant box, its obviously a 70s Krautrocking flagship that’s only lacking one accessory: a bong.

    1. If it costs you 30k to buy a decent car, you’ve been done. My 30k gets a holiday home on the continent. Sunshine, fresh air and rent free vs stagnant room, making crap sounds on TOS star trek command console.
      Each to their own, I suppose.

        1. Been to Norway once about 21 years ago on my honeymoon. I absolutely fell in love with the country. If I could, I would move there in a heartbeat. Then once, I got my housing and settled in, I could order my Colossus and not have to pay the overseas shipping costs, just the local VAT I’d rent a van and go and pick it up myself).

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