CableCube Offers A New Way To Organize Your Eurorack Patch Cables

UWYN has introduced CableCube, a new option for storing and organizing the 3.5mm patch cables used with Eurorack modular synthesizers.

One CableCube holds 40 cables, arranged in 8 rows of 5. It’s designed so that it can be used on your desktop, wall-mounted or attached directly to your modular case.

Geert Bevin demos his Transparent Reusable Face Mask.

CableCube is the brainchild of developer Geert Bevin – the Software Engineering Lead at Moog Music. In addition to his work with Moog, Bevin has done a wide range of music-related work, ranging from co-authoring the MPE specification to developing the LinnStrument firmware to creating the gestural music software GECO.

During the pandemic, Bevin has been exploring using 3D modeling to prototype and manufacture reusable face masks.

This led to his Transparent Reusable Face Mask, a vacuum-formed mask that’s designed to not only be an excellent face mask, but also to let you use tools like Face ID, without removing your mask.

With CableCube, Bevin has focused his attention on creating a better way to organize patch cables.

“I created CableCube, since no cable management ever felt satisfactory to me. I would always end up with a bunch of cable laying around, in front or top of the modular,” he explains. “Having cables hang from the wall would always be just too far out of reach and not easy to travel with.”

The solution Bevin came up is designed to be used in multiple ways.

“If you have Moog Mother skiff, you can mount it next to it and have a comfortable extension of your synthesizer. If you want to wall mount your cables, you can still do so with the cradle and still easily snap the CableCube out with all the cables and put it back later.”

Bevin sent us one of the first CableCube cable organizers to check out, and having seen his social media posts about the development process, it’s fascinating to see the work translate into a commercial product.

The CableCube is unusual in that it is being manufactured in small quantities using 3D printing. UWYN says that it is printed in high-quality Virgin NatureWorks Ingeo Bio-PLA, with industrial-strength 3D printers.

The 3D printed design means that the cable sockets don’t need to be simple holes. Bevin designed them so that they have the same sort of ‘click’ that you get when you insert a cable into a regular socket. The CableCube sockets ‘grip’ the jack, so cables don’t fall out, even if you turn the holder upside-down.

3D printing also means that UWYN can offer a niche product in a wide range of colors:

“3D printing is quickly becoming a very viable alternative to large scale production,” Bevin told us. “It’s easy to ramp up and down and to run a farm.”

“It also allows for more flexibility in production techniques,” he adds. “This design, for instance, is not possible with injection molding.”

A downside to using 3D printing technology is that the finish of the CableCube is not as smooth as a mass-produced product. You can expect to see some lines and other artifacts from the 3D printing process.

The CableCube features Braille labeling for people who are blind or visually impaired.

Because of the CableCube’s manufacturing approach, we asked Bevin how well he thought the CableCube and its unique sockets would hold up to wear and tear over time. Based on his experience with previous items manufactured with 3D printing, he expects the CableCube to hold up well.

In the last year, we have made over 3,000 PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) units that we donated. All 3D printed, masks and shields,” he notes. “And they’ve all held up great.”

One other notable aspect of the CableCube design is the inclusion of Braille labeling for people who are blind or have visual impairments.

The CableCube is an interesting alternative to patch cable hangers. Most cable hangers are designed to mount to a mic stand or the wall, and to hold hundreds of cables, and very long cables. CableCube is designed less for mass storage and more for active use, putting patch cables right next to your modular system.

CableCube is a great option for users with compact modular systems, or for users with larger systems that want desktop or system-mounted cable storage to complement an existing wall- or mic-mounted cable hanger.

Pricing and Availability.

CableCube is available now from UWYN, starting at $35 for a desktop unit.

10 thoughts on “CableCube Offers A New Way To Organize Your Eurorack Patch Cables

  1. I wonder if these are designed to snap together with each other or something similar in order to create a larger organizer?

    Also – wouldn’t it be awesome if they also made blocks to support different types of connectors, like a MIDI cable block and a 1/4″ jack block?

    The idea of an efficient grid system for organizing all your cables appeals to me. I would be compelled to get at least one of each.

  2. Nice one..i also like the braille on it! (even if i don´t need it)
    I build my cableholder with LegoTechnicBeams…which also works like charm. And i can expand it if needed….or build something else. 🙂

  3. Cable management is a solution in search of problem. Just leave one end plugged in. Isn’t that what this is?

    I have 150 black 1/8 inch cables, I just lay them out on my Kronos, it’s sooooooo hard.

    Now 150 1/4 inch cables, that would need serious management!

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