‘I Feel Love’ Live Performance

Sunday Synth Jam: This video via Matthijs Gaat Door, captures a live performance of the Donna Summer, Giorgio Moroder and Pete Bellotte 1977 dance music classic, I Feel Love.

Dutch synthesist Colin Benders (modular) and Cato van Dijck (vocals) are joined by the Sven Hammond Big Band in this arrangement.

22 thoughts on “‘I Feel Love’ Live Performance

    1. Dont know why all the negatieve respons. thought they did a great perfomance, Cato her voice was perfect special on the end. Donna Summer would have been proud.

  1. Damn does that suck compared to the excellent original.

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  2. colins intro starts really cool, but as soon as the snare comes in, the groove looses a a lot of power and the cover lands into mediocre territory.

  3. Despite my disappointment, I won’t resort to personal attacks or, indeed, negative comments. I’m just puzzled why this cover had to be showcased here.
    Was there a specific rationale for publishing a post about this version?

  4. weirdly enough, considering a wall of synths , only the singer stands out giving a nice performance. The rest is quite weak and in the end unnecessary.

  5. This is a decent version – my preference for covers of this are the Blue Man Group with Venus Hum and The New Deal’s version….

  6. You have to see it in the context of the TV show it was in; prime-time television with a presenter that is a huge fan of Charles Aznavour. You should have seen the interview. Colin has a proven track record – just watch some of the awesome stuff he’s done on modulars.


    Before going all modular he was very successful as Kyteman.

  7. Not a bad performance. Does anybody else feel like electronic instruments and stage performance, especially a large production with the whole lighting rig, still just don’t mix together all that well? There are many exceptions, but generally it’s just always seemed like an awkward fit. It’s either so pre-planned that the performer doesn’t have much to do up there but hug the cutoff knob, or you have to be very well rehearsed and thus probably become a muso, or play it loose and blow all your cues. I realize theres an entire world of electronic musical performance going on (pre covid) and i might just be grumpy.

  8. I’m a bit amazed by the lack of genuine enthusiasm for this, i.m.h.o., terrific performance. Cato’s voice has improved unbelievably compared to in her older work and she does a great job here almost copying Donna’s voice part of the original performance; the timing is not always perfect to fit into Colin’s waves of synth and Donna’s charisma was always to be hard to copy.

    1. Can I just hang with Rudy here? The internet. Free music. Free live performances by incredible artists. Hot young artists that can play and sing. A wall of synths. Every fantasy you have delivered to you in your home. And some numnutz without a shirt on in their basement with the idea that their useless thoughts adds anything to anyone’s life.

      To me, this was a gift. And a thanks to all for sharing.

  9. Meh. No good because it wasn’t filmed in a desert or an abandoned castle or an abandoned castle in a desert like all good modular performance vids.
    Seriously, though, Colin Benders is great, but here, the modular seems kind of overkill.

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