New ‘Breathing Bitcrusher’ For Mac, Windows

Faded Instruments has introduced Litbit, a new ‘breathing bitcrusher’ for Mac & Windows.

They say that Litbit’s ‘secret power’ is in its breathe knobs. The breathe knobs allow the bit/sample rate reduction to follow the audio input, which results in a smooth and dynamic bit crushing effect that ‘breathes’ along with your audio.

This feature can also be configured to follow another audio track, for pulsating crushing effects that dynamically interact with other instruments.

Litbit also features Crinkle,  a jitter or randomize function that adds a bit of noisy chaos to the bit/sample rate reduction. The speed of the crinkle is controllable and can be set to mono or stereo, which at slow speeds adds a stereo ‘sparkle’ to your sound.

Other features are designed to let you create a wide variety of bitcrushing effects. Here’s a hands-on demo:

Pricing and Availability

Litbit is available now for $14.20 USD.

5 thoughts on “New ‘Breathing Bitcrusher’ For Mac, Windows

  1. A simple idea and nicely executed! Reminds me how much other daws should follow Bitwig’s modular and flexible routing style

  2. At first I thought “why don’t I just automate the Logic bit crusher to get similar results”?

    But this really is more than that.

    Looks awesome, and the price is hard to argue with. I definitely plan to buy this.

  3. Ok, I’m impressed. Seems like there’s quite a few features in this simple little plugin! Can you replicate it with automation and multiple plugins? Probably. But would I ever be bothered to do something like that? Probably not. For the price, this is an easy purchase! Really cool.

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