New Sound Library For u-he Zebra2, ISLA

German composer & sound designer Jan Morgenstern let us know that he’s released a new sound library for u-he Zebra2, Zebra Elementals: ISLA.

ISLA is the debut product of his new soundware label, Treeswift Audio. They say that Zebra Elementals: ISLA is a soundset of 120 sounds, based around the ideas of water and fluidity.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“In addition to shimmering pad and ambience sounds, mercurial leads and sequenced patches reminiscent of waterfalls, the soundset boasts a selection of realistic simulations of waves, currents, rain and drips. These play to the unique strengths of Zebra2’s powerful, half-modular synthesis structure, resulting in sounds that can be shaped and modified in real time much more flexibly than would be the case with sample-based instruments.

The water motif also inspired the collection in a more abstract sense: One of the development goals was to imbue the instruments with the kind of qualities that musicians and composers tend to describe as “fluid”, both in their sound and in the way they respond to the player’s performance.”

Patch Walkthrough:

Pricing and Availability

Zebra Elementals: ISLA is available now, priced at  € 34,99 incl. VAT; with a 25% launch discount until April 7th, 2021.

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