SoundQuest Fest Offers Three Days Of Ambient Music Immersion

SoundQuest Fest, a unique immersive ambient music event, will be held this weekend, March 26-28, 2021 and will feature “a continuous flow of streamed performances, audio-video wonder worlds and deep immersion zones.”

The event, organized by ambient music pioneer Steve Roach, kicks off on Youtube today at 4 pm Pacific/5 pm Mountain/6 pm Central/7 pm Eastern.

Each evening of the weekend will feature performances by ambient and space music artists. Before the concerts start each day, the event will feature Timeroom TV, with music videos, interviews with the ‘Soundquest tribe’ and more.

After each night’s performances, there will be an Ambient Lounge with audiovisual sets from Bluetech, Matt Black, Daniel Pipitone; and Immersion Zone, a continuous stream of generative audio and visuals.

Featured artists include:

  • Robert Rich
  • Steve Roach
  • Michael Stearns
  • Erik Wøllo
  • Ian Boddy
  • Jeff Greinke
  • Chuck van Zyl
  • Serena Gabriel
  • Chris Meyer (Alias Zone)
  • Nathan Youngblood
  • Will Merkle
  • Caldon Glover
  • Tony Obr
  • Howard Givens
  • Madhavi Devi
  • Craig Padilla
  • Bluetech
  • Matt Black
  • Daniel Pipitone

The Soundquest Fest mission is “to create global connection, togetherness and inspiration through the power of sound and vision during this consequential and unique moment in time.”

You can watch the event via the embed above, on Youtube or via the event site. A full schedule is available at the SoundQuest Fest site.

2 thoughts on “SoundQuest Fest Offers Three Days Of Ambient Music Immersion

  1. This is an amazing event. The highlight so far for me has been Michael Stearn’s set, but they’ve really all been amazing.

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