Free Launchkey mk3 Update Adds Strum Mode & More

Novation has introduced a free firmware update for the Launchkey mk3 and Launchkey Mini mk3 that adds a new Strum Mode and more.

In addition to Strum Mode, the v1.1 update adds a few user-requested options:

  • Pad brightness will now be adjustable for more comfortable visibility in all lighting conditions.
  • Launchkey Mini [MK3] owners will now be able to switch pad velocity on or off. Depending on your preference, you’ll have greater control over your playing and be able personalize your user experience –especially helpful for finger drummers who prefer to have a fixed velocity
  • Clock output from the MIDI port can now be toggled on or off. This increases flexibility for users when connecting Launchkey Mini [MK3] to other MIDI devices.
  • Lastly, the shift, arp and fixed chord buttons can now be latched with double-tap. This enables handed control of shift-modified buttons — perfect for tweaking with one hand while playing with the other, or when simultaneously playing guitar or using a connected synth.

Launchkey Mini mk3 Update:

See the Novation site for details.

9 thoughts on “Free Launchkey mk3 Update Adds Strum Mode & More

  1. id probably consider a MIDI keyboards firmware to be “unfinished” without these kinds of simple, ultra-basic “features”

    so good job on attempting to complete your firmware, novation

    1. If you want to “level the ground” you can be creative too and take yourself higher or just not feel so a shame about it. Trying to lowering others work to your level just put you lower…

        1. I did took it myself and it works. This advise based on personal bad experience yes. I understand it’s not easy to accept.

  2. Man people are harsh on this forum, what other midi controller has a strum feature? The controller was great without these features and to me was complete without them. I can’t remember to many cheap 100 dollar controllers that actually get updated? Good job novation !

    1. “artist’s frustration” was always very common. don’t even try to find logic in what they say, it’s all based on lowering others work to whatever “low” you consider yourself.

  3. Launchkey Mini mk3
    I am so happy to see the new update and yes finally Mid clock on/off, now if novation would only do a firmware where you or I can customized all the settings.

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