Transformer Lets You Transform Sounds With Four Resonators

Rast Sound has introduced Transformer, a new resonator effect plugin for macOS & Windows.

Transformer is a quad resonator bank, where you can set mode of resonators (how they sound), tunings, decay times and levels as you want and even modulate them, without going into complex automations through your DAW.


  • 3 timbral modes. These modes are powered by mathematical models to create unique and natural sound effects.
  • 4 resonators & effects – Each resonator emulates the acoustic resonances of an instrument. Results will be tonally focused resonances, still having the spectral imprint of the input.
  • Powerful LFO

Audio Demo:

Pricing and Availability

Transformer is available now with an intro price of 29€ (normally 39€).

5 thoughts on “Transformer Lets You Transform Sounds With Four Resonators

  1. Cool looking GUI. I had an old alesis multi-effect with a resonator. Sounded similar. Cool effect. Probably needs some MIDI control to be less static.

  2. Makes me think of kaleidoscope, by 2C audio, who had a bunch of resonator banks that could be excited by external sounds. How does it compare to this?

  3. I just tried to buy on Rastsound. Im stuck on the checkout the shop is asking for a VAT Number, never had something like that…

  4. I’ve never cared for the sound of these kinds of resonator FX, but that is a gorgeous GUI. Well done.

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