Tangerine Dream ‘Poland’ Cover On Acoustic Instruments

This video, via Thomas Rydell, captures a live performance of Tangerine Dream‘s Poland – originally for synths and drum machines – arranged for acoustic instruments.

The performance is by students at Eskilstuna Kulturskola (Sweden). Only acoustic instruments were used in this recording, although the mix contains some effects (EQ, Compressor, Delay and Reverb).

Flute – Siri Sjöberg
Saxophone – Jacob Lindberg
Trumpet, Piano – Samuel Eriksson
Trombone – Wilma Hermansson
Percussion, Drums – Gabriel Etzner
Classical guitar – Melker Blomstrand
Acoustic steel string guitar – Simon Asplund
Violin, presentation – Agnieszka Mikulska
Viola – Ny Khóang
Bass – Sara Nordling Maurin

Marching drums – Hjalmar Lundkvist, Linus Khoang, Gabriel Etzner, Stella Olsson

Choir – Jacqueline Pripp, Ängla Becker, An Quyen Bui, Sofia Ekwall, Nelli Tuovila

7 thoughts on “Tangerine Dream ‘Poland’ Cover On Acoustic Instruments

  1. I enjoy it when small orchestras cover prog rock, but this is a refreshing swing towards the minimalist side. TD is being well-served. Nice work!

  2. Just like the original recording this was assembled in the studio and isn’t a live recording. However both are stunning, well done.

  3. This sounds much better and more pleasant than the original. The Poland album, as many TD albums, sounds so dated. I would have liked maybe some smiles when playing – the students in the video look like this is a boring homework. But the end musical result is good.

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