Free Online Patch Editor For The Korg microKorg

Alapatch is a free online patch editor for the Korg microKorg.

The editor lets you create, save and load patches for the minisynth, right in your web browser. The patch editor features sections for editing Timbres, Vocoder settins and Arp/FX.

We didn’t see any mention of this on the site, but it looks like this requires Chrome or a browser that supports Web MIDI, which lets your browser communicate with MIDI.

If you’ve used the free patch editor, share your thoughts on it in the comments!


3 thoughts on “Free Online Patch Editor For The Korg microKorg

  1. Hilariously, OG microKorg/MS2000 still has better digital engine than some latest Korg digitals. I have the NTS-1 and the built-in oscillators have noticeable clicks on and off key. Is it the same for the digital engine waveforms on Minilogue SD? Both sad and funny. I say all this knowing that DSP is incredibly difficult to do well, and I’ve also written my own oscillators for the NTS-1, a scratch biquad iir filter module in C, etc…so I’m not exactly coming from a place of complete ignorance.

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