OXI One Sequencer Now Available To Pre-Order

OXI Instruments has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to fund production of the OXI One, a powerful step sequencer that features four independent sequencers, LFOs, arpeggiators, configurable CVs, randomization features and more.

The OXI One supports MIDI and CV connectivity, with 8CV and 8 Gate outputs, and 1 CV input with configurable routing. In addition to sequencing pitch, you can use the outputs for envelopes, LFOs and more.


  • Up to 128 steps per Sequencer
  • 4 deeply configurable and independent Sequencers active at the same time (up to 32 tracks)
  • 4 modes to choose from per Sequencer: Monophonic, Polyphonic, Chord, Multitrack (up to 8 independent tracks) more to come
  • Load Patterns and Projects instantly, no load time
  • CVs and Gate outputs are user assignable with a dedicated grid layout that allows changes in real time
  • CV outs support for ADs envelopes, Polyphony, Modulation and LFOs
  • Arranger mode with 4 pattern playback lanes, count down visualization and Program Changes
  • One LFO per Sequencer with assignable destination. CV In can act as an assignable modulator.
  • Live MIDI looper with Rec activation by MIDI in and Rec Extend options
  • USB MIDI, TRS MIDI, BLUETOOTH (BLE) MIDI routable to the CVs and gates outputs
  • Clock out and clock/cv in (which serves as parameter modulation by pulse frequency)
  • Intelligent and musical pattern Randomizer (with humanization and controllable randomization)
  • Innovative chord function, with hotkeys for voicing, inversion and spread
  • Playback and perform randomizer (velocity, octave, trigger, ratcheting and skipping independently)
  • Keyboard mode per Sequencer with arpeggiators independent of the sequence (10 modes, octavation, gate, rate and hold functions) and chord triggering
  • Internal clock or external sync (USB MIDI, TRS MIDI, BLUETOOTH MIDI and clock IN)
  • Preview function
  • Per step parameters: pitch, velocity, octave, gate, 4x modulation lanes, glide (for cvs outs in mono mode), ratches, micro time offset, probability; strum, voicing and chord type (Chord Mode)
  • Plenty available scales and user selectable root note
  • Open Source app (MacOS, Linux, Windows, iOS and Android) for further configuration and Project backup
  • 1/32th to 1bar resolution per step
  • Extend function
  • Loop function
  • Selectable Init and End steps (Independent for each track and Sequencer)
  • Selectable MIDI output channels (Independent for each track and Sequencer)
  • Swing per Sequencer
  • Playback directions: forward, backward, alternate, random.
  • Multiple pattern edition features like duplicate, moving patterns in all directions (rotate and transpose)
  • Copy, paste, clear features for patterns, parts, sequences, steps and presets
  • Several Undo steps
  • Up to 15 Projects which include Project configuration and up to 64 Patterns per Project and 16 songs. Pattern exporting possible via the companion app
  • Monome Grid support thanks to open sourcing by the Monome team. Currently available for DIY norns devices

Here’s a playlist of official overview videos:

Pricing and Availability:

The OXI One is available to project backers to preorder, starting at about $637 USD.

Note: Crowdfunded projects involve risk. Review the project site for details.

Update: The OXI One crowdfunding project has blown past its goals, raising 10 times its target, with a couple of days left.

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