Cinematic Synthesis With The UDO Audio Super 6

Composer & sound designer Drew Neumann (Æon Flux, The Wild Thornberrys) shared this track, Sinister Six, with all sounds, including percussion and sound effects, created with the UDO Super 6 synthesizer.

Here’s what Neumann has to say about it:

“I spent about a month and a half developing sounds for the Super 6, after which I massively multitracked the synthesizer into Mark Of The Unicorn’s Digital Performer over several weeks time. At first, I tried out a pseudo orchestral intro to see how well my sounds worked together, and then took a joyride through various moods and musical styles.

This Sinister Six piece is an imaginary cinematic journey, heavily influenced by the pioneers of synthesis with a few nods to world music; it showcases the broad stereo binaural effects and the range of the instrument’s capabilities.”

11 thoughts on “Cinematic Synthesis With The UDO Audio Super 6

    1. Yes – awesome sound and composition.

      It seems like people may be sleeping on the Super 6. It’s at the top of my list, because it sounds great and I love the way that it’s built – it has that feel of synths from the 80s that are still going today, so it’s built to last.

  1. Is there a Super 6 MIDI editor out there?
    Not being able to see the current parameter value is a deal braker for me, just not fits my workflow.

    1. I could not agree with you more, I have had multiple emails discussions with the creator and they simply feel that this is a live performance keyboard. Yet, even then I find that an odd claim, not being able to see any parameters numerically or having a more intelligent recall seems like a missed opportunity.

      For those whom will certainly claim that they do not want a screen on their synth and would rather rely on their ears, just don’t look at the screen, or a simple disable function can be created to turn off the screen.

    2. No display on this synth is not a deal breaker for me personally but it would’ve been so nice to have.
      Does it offer MIDI over USB already?

      There’re finally some decent demo’s posted online with amazing sounds these last 2 weeks. Search YouTube for ‘GSF’.

  2. You have to look at it like you would a MiniMoog. Its WYSIWYG, just amped up madly as a 2020s polyphonic. Its clearly for determined keyboard >players< and not designed as a controller for a dance rig. Besides, its a pricey, built-like-a-tank boutique item, which reframes the debate far from MiniBrutes or Wavestates. Whatever else can be said, the synth sounds lush. I'd love to lay hands to one for a while and so would you.

  3. Sounds really beautiful. Any word on the outboard he’s using? The initial super 6 demos sounded great dry.

  4. Something about this synth sounds so dynamic and alive, even on these compressed Youtube videos. Looking forward to picking one up eventually.

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