Lisa Bella Donna – Turning Point (Live Concert)

This video captures a live studio performance by synthesist Lisa Bella Donna, Turning Point.

The performance was commissioned for the post premiere release of the new film Sisters with Transistors, by Metrograph Films.

It features three pieces:

  • An Omen Bird’s Departure (0:25)
  • Turning Point (2:45)
  • Autopsy (15:41)

All compositions written, arranged, realized by Lisa Bella Donna. The music is also available on the album Turning Point.

15 thoughts on “Lisa Bella Donna – Turning Point (Live Concert)

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  2. Wanna impress me? Replicate some of Bach’s works using only the modular and record each line using Wendy Carlos’s techniques. Then, I’ll be impressed.

    1. What an absolutely arbitrary and silly way to judge someone. Seriously? Replicating work that’s already been done, rather than create something new and original? What a narrow and sad musical world that would be.

    2. I can appreciate you liking Carlos’s work, but can you imagine if musicians were still stuck in that tacky ‘switched on’ rut of the early 70’s?

      Fortunately for the world of music, musicians moved on. It’s been 53 years since ‘Switched On Bach’ came out. Even Carlos moved on!

  3. Really impressive performance – I went straight to itunes and grabbed her album. Seriously impressive studio as well.

  4. Am I the only one that just does not get it? Virtuosity is pointless and a lazy way to hide when you don’t have much to say. I know people with one Moog Minitaur whose music is 1000% more fresh and infectious. What a waste.

    1. Why even comment if you don’t get it? Just because it’s not your personal taste, doesn’t mean it’s not great music. Besides, this woman obviously has some serious command over all this equipment and the music she’s making. Lazy? She single handedly covers a wide range of musical and sonic terrain in under 40 minutes! It’s very clear she has much to say, clearly and efficiently. I find what she does inspiring. Makes me want to turn on my gear and create my own music. Which is exactly what I’m going to go do after enjoying this.

    2. This video is impressive on a lot of levels – Lisa Bella Donna has complete technical command of the gear, creates interesting sounds & soundscapes, makes compositions that go somewhere and can also shred.

      There are very few artists sharing their work that you can say this about.

      “I know people with one Moog Minitaur whose music is 1000% more fresh and infectious.”

      Unless you can back up your words with an example of someone making music with a Moog Minitaur that’s “1000% more fresh and infectious”, everybody will think your comment is BS.

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