DJ Bike Drum & Bass Live Set

DJ Dom Whiting does an extended drum and bass DJ set from his bike, in London, on 4/20.

London Hyde Park Special mixed and streamed live from a DJ bike.

12 thoughts on “DJ Bike Drum & Bass Live Set

  1. This is so fresh! Haven’t watched it all yet but will do soon. Smiled non stop for the 11 minutes watched so far. Great vibe and energy.

    Also quite amazed at how drivers are well behaved (so far) and how the roads are clean and not full of deep potholes.

  2. Sort of a modern village idiot, no insult intended.
    Nice to see he is not blasting his noise around the village bothering others and just socialising with people.

  3. Oh MAAAAAAN BIG UP Dom Whiting. What a rig. What a calm performance.

    (Wished some people were dancing, giving him more props.
    Perhaps Brixton, Brick Lane, Hackney, Peckham, Catford, Camden next time for more persons grooving).

      1. Riding a bike with “a few hundred dollars of djing gear” without a worry of being robbed or thinking of the annoyance caused to the other drivers and people around.

  4. Fun, enjoyed the London street scenery, but watching a guy riding with never more than one hand on the wheel and no helmet makes me nervous. Must be a three-wheeler or he has supernatural balance. Would be fun to have him DJ an event while riding around the venue.

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