Devious Machines Intros Infiltrator Sequenced Multi-effects Processor

Devious Machines has introduced Infiltrator – a new sequenced multi-effect plugin for Mac & Windows.

Infiltrator starts with 28 effects, and lets you combine them with powerful curve editing, sequencing and macro controls.


  • Draw custom curves for up to ten effects
  • Choose from 28 effect modules, including filters, delays, loopers, pitchshifters and more.
  • Powerful effects sequencer brings your processing to life across up to 32 steps.
  • 750+ presets by professional artists and sound designers (see next page).
  • Four macro parameters give you ultimate control over your sound.
  • MIDI control to activate/deactivate effects.
  • Global output effects include 11 types of distortion and 4 types of compression.
  • Trigger curves as envelopes from audio peaks, or run them continuously as LFOs.
  • Disable curve modulation and use the input audio envelope as a mod source instead.
  • Independent speed control for each envelope – up to 100Hz for special effects.
  • Clean Bass mode allows sub bass frequencies to pass through unaffected

Here’s the official intro video:

Pricing and Availability

Infiltrator is available now fat the introductory price of £69.00 ($98/€80). The regular price after a limited period will be £99.99 ($142/€117). A 14-day limited demo version is also available.

4 thoughts on “Devious Machines Intros Infiltrator Sequenced Multi-effects Processor

  1. Ouch! Expensive. Software Sounds good….great capabilities….great graphics….but the price ….Ouch!! Too expensive for me. I understand that this took a lot of thought and work. Hats off to the developers

  2. This is appealing, like Sugar Bytes’ Turnado with giant biceps. My casual opinion: the price seems fair, because with 4 or 5 power plugs like this, all you really need afterwards is good EQ and basics like delay.

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