Fenix IV Modular Synthesizer In-Depth Demo

Making Sound Machines shared this in-depth demo of the This Is Not Rocket Science Fenix IV modular synthesizer.

The Fenix IV is a new member of the Fenix synth family, originally created by Synton. The new synth was created as a collaboration between Stijn Haring-Kuipers (TiNRS), Lauri Koponen (Vaski) and Bert Vermeulen (Synton/SyntoNovo).

The video covers the synth’s design, modules, signal flow and patching. For more examples of patching the Fenix IV, see the playlist below:

Details on the Fenix IV are available at the TiNRS site.

3 thoughts on “Fenix IV Modular Synthesizer In-Depth Demo

  1. Yeah so I’m dropping $6000. on a synth and I’ll whack it on the side – first chance I get. Great idea.

    1. how about tapping it with your finger to create a trigger signal like they do here? Classic uber synth revived and totally updated. Great news to me.

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