Download Free Moog iOS Music Apps In Honor Of Bob Moog’s Birthday

Moog Music has announced that their iOS music apps are available now as free downloads, in honor of the late Bob Moog‘s birthday (May 23, 1934).

The free apps include some of the best software synths and effects available on iOS:

  • Minimoog Model D synthesizer – a recreation of the most influential synthesizer in history
  • Model 15 modular system – a complete modular synthesizer and a recreation of a $15,000 hardware synth
  • Animoog – an original synth design that lets you create animated sounds that move with an x/y timbral space.
  • Filtatron – a Moogerfooger-style four-pole resonant Moog Ladder filter effect

The apps are available as free downloads for a limited time.

14 thoughts on “Download Free Moog iOS Music Apps In Honor Of Bob Moog’s Birthday

    1. Most people realized that Android was a dead end for music apps 5-10 years ago.

      You don’t see many mainstream developers putting out a second Android music app, as a result.

    1. My android tablet almost burned my leg while trying to play angry birds. My Ipad can run all of those free apps at the same time. The End.

  1. Great. Picked up Animoog this way, and enjoyed it thoroughly. Enough to invest some time in setting up RTP midi and incorporating the Ipad in a (Windows) DAW setup.

    Thanks to all of the Moog family!

    1. Awwwwww so so much sadness. I have no budget for soft synths or instrument modeling so my wife wont let me buy them right now. But it seems i heard about this 2 weeks too late, the bundle is back to $46. That would be so epic, story for grandkids that you got these free moog synths, from Bob Moog, on his birthday!! What a hobbit-like beautiful thing to do! Has anyone checked Bob’s feet to check that hes not actually a Bolger, Boffin, or Proudfoot (“PROUDFEETS!!”). Well i hope (been on my list a few years!) to get the UAD version someday. Until then, ill only have access to a real hardware Prodigy one of my clients has left at my studio! Not as cool as a model D or a minimoog but its in my C room looking dead sexy :-)))

      Peace, Love & Music


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