Ambient Music For Fender Rhodes Mark I Piano & Sequential Prophet 10

Sunday Synth Jam: Synthesist Midera shared this live ambient performance, Quiet Moments, for Fender Rhodes Mark 1 electric piano & Sequential Prophet 10 synthesizer.

The arrangement is spare, but also rich, complete and expressive. Here’s what Midera has to say about Quiet Moments:

“Tonight, I told my daughter (3 yo) that she shouldn’t keep calling us from her room. She often calls out and when we get to her she makes up something she needs, that isn’t a need at all. Like, “I need you to pick up that stuffed animal.” Although normally it’s, “I need you to cover me up.” I had already gone up once to help her go to the bathroom, which, surprise, she ended up not needing to do.

When she called a second time, I knew it was to cover her up. So I didn’t go. She called out and called out and I knew that going up there would just reinforce the behavior. Eventually, her calls died down and I looked at the monitor, at her just laying down without blankets. So I went to her.

I decided that I guess I just don’t really care if she calls me again and again. It gives me a reason to see her just one extra time. I sat next to her, covered her up (which she said “thank you for covering me up,” and then hummed her songs (she asked). There’s honestly nothing better, nothing more important, in this world than your children, at least – that’s how I feel. Hopefully, if you read this and feel any regret – make it up tomorrow.”

7 thoughts on “Ambient Music For Fender Rhodes Mark I Piano & Sequential Prophet 10

    1. Hey – yeah, I forgot to include them in the post. For the Prophet 10: I have a Boss MD-500 which I use a stereo panning tremelo and the Strymon Dig. For the Rhodes, I bought the Retro Flyer preamp with a stereo tremolo in it and then it goes through Eventide Blackhole VST.


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