Behringer ‘Brains’ Coming June 15th (Teaser)

Behringer today shared a teaser for ‘Brains‘, something new to be released on June 15, 2021.

They haven’t shared any details, but the video appears to show a new hardware device – maybe a MIDI/CV sequencer that can act as the ‘brain’ of your rig or a groovebox sequencer?

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Update: Behringer has revealed the Brains to be a Mutable Instruments Plaits clone.

37 thoughts on “Behringer ‘Brains’ Coming June 15th (Teaser)

  1. Kind of a funny “self-own” headline for B-word.

    Definitely hardware. Judging from the button icons- drums, chord, synth (or octave?), granular?, might be a groove box type thing. I wonder which product it will copy, or if it will include any original ideas.

  2. Guess I can’t put urls. They’re working on a MPC like device called The Jam. My guess is that’s what this is.

  3. Wow, behringer doing something creative and individual XD

    Maybe their cloning mode will be over soon because there is nothing more to clone anymore …

    Appreciate going for unique ideas!

  4. I got it from a reliable inside source at Behringer that it’s a eurorack compatible jaw harp with MIDI implementation. What you see in the teaser clip is the outboard effects box.

      1. Ummmm…..My boss is a director at the pharmaceutical company where I work. I don’t think he’d care if I said hi on your behalf, but I’ll let him know.

  5. Sounds like Plaits, looks like Plaits. I think you guess what‘s coming. Behringer and Original are two words doesn‘t match.

    1. Yes, if past experience is anything to go by it can be a year or more from announcement to release. I think they announce things to gauge response before they even commit to a schedule/prioritisation building them!

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