Imaginando Intros MIDI-Controllable VS – Visual Synthesizer

Imaginando has introduced VS – Visual Synthesizer, a new application for iOS, Mac & Windows that lets you use both audio and MIDI to control visual creations.

VS uses dynamic ‘materials’; a variety of different graphical elements, from glowing particle effects to warping geometric planes, each with its own set of attributes. These materials can be layered on top of each other, then triggered and manipulated by modulating their parameters, providing an interactive way to create complex compositions.

Using MIDI, VS can be ‘played’ just like a regular synth, including polyphony. Multiple simultaneous notes translate into multiple visual voices.

VS’ extensive parameter and modulation functionality provides the flexibility to create highly customizable visuals with complete control. Use any combination of LFOs, envelope generators, audio-reactive modulators and MIDI data, to transform your creations.

VS is also available as an audio plugin, bringing the world of creative visualization into your DAW.


  • 8 Polyphonic visual layers
  • 1 background layer with solid color/image/video (no modulations)
  • 4 voices per layer
  • 50 built-in materials
  • Exclusive factory presents by @Perplex On
  • 4 LFOs
  • 2 EGs
  • 4 Dual-mode Audio Modulators (peak and band)

Pricing and Availability

VS – Visual Synthesizer is available now for Windows, Mac and iOS, with the following intro pricing:

VS – Visual Synthesizer Desktop (Windows/MacOS):
Standard price: 99 EUR – Launch price: 49.5 EUR!

VS – Visual Synthesizer Mobile (iOS/iPadOS):
Standard price: 21.99 EUR – Launch price: 10.99 EUR!

VS is also available to Rent-To-Own for 9.99 EUR per month for 12 months

5 thoughts on “Imaginando Intros MIDI-Controllable VS – Visual Synthesizer

    1. I think the answer is no you cannot create your own “materials” that can be modified with VS. It does allow you to have a custom video background but it cannot be modified.

      Magic Music Videos looks a lot more powerful but likely has a steeper learning curve. Looks like the two products are geared to different types of people.

      1. I tried this out, but it’s terribly shallow. The term ‘visual synthesizer’ is misleading. At best this is a simple visualizer that doesn’t look that great to be honest. It might be cheap but it’s also a subscription based product and is not worth it in my opinion.

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