Free Sequential Pro 3 Update Expands Its Sound Palette

Sequential today released a free update to their Pro 3 monophonic synthesizer that adds a set of 32 new wavetables, significantly expanding its sound palette.

As a hybrid instrument, the Pro 3 features two VCOs plus a third, digital wavetable oscillator. The new wavetables are derived from an eclectic collection of sources, including the Fairlight IIx, a vintage Sequential Circuits TOM drum machine, dual TAU 20-stage phasers, a boutique Frequency Shifter, an Equinox EQ Phaser and classic 90’s-era Turbosynth sound design software. Also included are a selection of heavily processed acoustic instruments, such as Chapman Stick and human voice.

To showcase the new wavetables, Sequential is also providing a new bank of 128 sounds that put the wavetables to use. Each sound in the set includes extensive modulation routings, effects setups and its own sequence to demonstrate the sound in context.

“Our whole concept behind the Pro 3 was to make it the deepest, best-sounding, most endlessly creative mono synth you’ll ever own,” says Sequential founder Dave Smith: “With new wavetables, new sound banks, and new software features like Patch Morphing, we’re not only keeping it fresh, we’re keeping firmly at the leading edge of hybrid synths.”

Audio Demos:

Sequential shared demos by Peter Dyer and Drew Neumann. All sounds are recorded directly from the Pro 3 using the new Add-On wavetables and Add-On Program Bank created by Drew Neumann:

Pricing and Availability

The new wavetables and sound bank are available for download free of charge on Sequential’s website.

The Sequential Pro 3 is available in two versions, the standard edition for $1,500, and the Pro 3 SE, with a tilting control panel and walnut trim for $2,099.

11 thoughts on “Free Sequential Pro 3 Update Expands Its Sound Palette

  1. Ugh! I’ve been on the fence about this board for a few months, and I think this update is gonna push me over the edge. Let’s do it, pro 3.

    1. personally, im a huge fan of my Pro3. It can get grimey grungey, or excels at punchy bass, or vintagey leads, etc. Its got a wide tonal pallette that has made me question keeping my beloved sub37. The sequencer is insane and fun to use, and i still haven’t used all the features.

  2. Love my Pro3! Excited for the massive update, especially and update that is pure expansion. I didn’t feel it was missing anything to being with, so it’s a joyous surprise.

  3. Seems like synths over $600 bucks get no love on synthtopia. I was able to mess around with the Pro-3 for a week or so. Its amazing, very intuitive and easy to dive into and program.

    1. Do you think mono synths should cost less than poly synths for some reason?

      That ides is a relic from the days when the circuits made up a major part of a synth’s cost.

    2. In 1974, a Minimoog cost US$1,595.00. In today’s money that’s $8,370. Synths have never been more affordable.

    3. When a take a look at the +++feature of this synth, for me it is a great deal! Thank to Dave Smith and his team to push the limit of this gem of tone.

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