Push Turn Move, A ‘Love Letter’ To Electronic Music Gear Design, Gets Major Update

Bjooks, publishers of Patch & Tweak, Patch & Tweak With Moog & Pedal Crush, have announce an updated edition of their first book, Push Turn Move.

Push Turn Move is a densely illustrated 352-page hardcover volume that takes an in-depth look at the interface design of electronic instruments.

Updates in the new edition include:

  • ‘Stunning’ new print and paper quality
  • An interview with the founder of Artiphon about the new Orba
  • Many new products are covered, including:
    • Novation Launchpad X
    • Moog Music’s latest semi-modular instruments
    • Ableton Live 11
    • Make Noise Strega
    • Mutable Instruments Beads
    • Polyend Tracker
    • KORG SQ-64
    • Native Instruments MASCHINE+
    • VCV Rack

Push Turn Move was the book that started it all for us, and it was truly a labor of love,” says Kim Bjørn, CEO and Founder of Bjooks. “At the time it was released just four years ago, I had no idea that it would take on a life of its own, or that it would be read by so many electronic music fans around the world. Since its original release, there have been many new innovations in the electronic music industry, so I thought it was time for an update.”

Pricing and Availability

Push Turn Move is available for $69 USD.

4 thoughts on “Push Turn Move, A ‘Love Letter’ To Electronic Music Gear Design, Gets Major Update

  1. This kind of porn (synth-porn) is ok to leave out on the living room coffee table, and not worry about people dropping by and what they might think about it.

  2. Would have been a lot cooler to put out smaller addendums, so existing owners could add a “volume” and not loose the initial investment. A second edition this soon after the first pretty much splits the market in an unwelcome way.

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