Maneco Labs Intros Grone Expander Eurorack Drone Machine

Uruguay-based Maneco Labs recently introduced the Grone Expander, a 4-voice touch-controlled drone machine in Eurorack format.

It’s based on two oscillators from their Grone Drone Synth – one wavetable oscillator and one PWM sawtooth/noise oscillator. The oscillator mix is processed through a modulated delay section, with two multi waveforms LFOs and the final output has an overdrive “grit” control.

The developers say that the module can be used on its own or “run through Grone filter and Clouds for a rich soundscape experience”.


  • 4 voice touch controlled drone module
  • 2 Drone oscillators same as Grone
  • 2 wavetable oscillators
  • 2 multi waveform lfo’s
  • Modulated delay section
  • Dirt stage at output
  • Can be used stand alone or processed through grone external input

Pricing and Availability

The Grone Expander is available now for $465 USD.

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