Beats From Beer – A Free ‘Beer Can Drum Kit’

Free Sample Library: Caelum Audio has shared the Beer Can Drum Kit – a free collection of 31 weird and wonderful .wavs, made entirely from flicking, tapping, shaking, crunching and dropping a cold, crispy can of beer, and then processing the resulting sounds.

They note: “On a very rare occasion when there was a can of beer left over in the fridge, we decided to see if we could make some cool sounds out of it, rather than immediately drink it.”

The free sample library features a beer-infused collection of 5x Kicks, 5x Snares, 4x Snaps, 5x Toms, 5x Hats & 7x Misc sounds.

Pricing and Availability

The Beer Can Drum Kit is available now as a free download – free as in no-signup share-on-Facebook BS, just click the link and download.

4 thoughts on “Beats From Beer – A Free ‘Beer Can Drum Kit’

  1. Thanks for making it clear!
    There is such a difference between “free as in give gives us some info and we’ll send you spam until you decide to use your legal right to leave” and “click, that’s it; we trust ourselves to deliver quality products so we don’t need to track you”.

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