Modal Argon Synths Updated With New Firmware, 300+ Presets

Modal Electronics has announced the availability of v2.4 firmware for their Argon Series synthesizers, along with a new volume of factory presets.

Here’s what’s new in Firmware Version 2.4:

  • Added more LFO synced divisions
  • Added Extended Oscillator Drift to upper range of Drift control.
  • Added ‘Master’ Clock Source mode that always sends out MIDI clock
  • Improved MIDI reliability on macOS Big Sur
  • Improved arpeggiator sync when working with external sequencers
  • Improved expression pedal behaviour
  • Improved LFO1 sync when clocked from external MIDI

Volume 2 of the Factory Preset library for the ARGON8, ARGON8M and ARGON8X features 300 new presets, plus 100 MPE-ready patches currently available in the existing Volume 1 library.

See the Modal site for details.

2 thoughts on “Modal Argon Synths Updated With New Firmware, 300+ Presets

  1. Ignorant question – how do these patches especially “mpe ready” respond to poly after touch, such as from Hydrasynth?? I know they are ready but does that mean modulations are already assigned??

  2. First, if you’re controlling an Argon from a Hydrasynth, congratulations! Get ready for manual-reading overload.

    Second, most MPE controllers seem to come ready to operate on all five axes. You have to assign those parameters (or not) based on your goals, especially the depth of response. It will often sound wildly out of control at first, but once you understand the basics, you can get it lined up pretty easily. So no, its more a matter of needing to UNassign a few things. I tried out a ROLI Seaboard and it felt unplayable until I made it LESS sensitive. Its a little like a MIDI CC list thing.

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