New iOS App, SoundSaw – The Art Of Sound Destruction

Developer Igor Vasiliev has introduced SoundSaw, described as “a complex sound processing app” designed to distort the sound of musical instruments or voice, and give the sound the aesthetics and atmosphere of noise, lo-fi, chiptune and experimental music scene.

Depending on the settings, it can add light distortion and saturation to the sound or drastically change the sound and make it as “loud and harsh as possible, full of all kinds of harmonics, crackles and rattles”.

Vasiliev says that the settings of this app provide great opportunities for experiments with sound destruction.


  • Simulates different types of signal processing electronic circuits and their typical harmonic saturation and noise (static and dynamic).
  • The Maximizer keeps the maximum signal level for more noticeable distortions and feedback effects, and has a mode for hold the maximum volume when the input signal decays.
  • The Overload effect works like an electronic circuit when the signal is much higher than the maximum allowable level and oversaturated the signal various kinds of harmonics.
  • The Decimator and Bitcrusher effects produce very noticeable digital artifacts typical of cheap devices with simple DACs / ADCs, and add various kinds of crackles and rattles.
  • The Feedback effect is similar to acoustic feedback, but more controllable, with the resonant frequency varying in accordance with the harmonics of the input signal.
  • The 4-pole filter controlled by the envelope generator can be used after distortion effects. Filter types: Low pass, High pass, Band pass and Notch.
  • The envelope generator is controlled by the input signal and can generate a single cycle of envelope, repeat cycles or work continuously.
  • At the output there is a filter that can cut the high or low range of the original signal and mix it with the processed signal.

SoundSaw works on iPhone and iPad standalone and as Audio Unit with external parameters, and is also compatible with Intera-app Audio hosts and Audiobus.

Pricing and Availability

SoundSaw is available now for $4.99.

3 thoughts on “New iOS App, SoundSaw – The Art Of Sound Destruction

  1. isnt it true that you can run iOS apps on a macbook or imac now?

    im far too invested in this platform with all the apps ive already got, and my ipad has an elder status

    imho, apple is super-extremely horrible – but ultimately in terms of music production its a unique environment with tons of excellent tools

    1. Yea, it can be hard to stomach; how rapidly expanding monopolies like Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, etc. reach there tendrils into your neurons. Some of the things they offer are super-useful, even affordable. But the massive reach & power can be very ominous (not in a good way).

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