New Reverb Effect, Velvetverb, For Mac & Windows

Mod Sound shared this preview of Velvetverb, a modern algorithmic reverb for MacOS & Windows.

Velvetverb offers four reverb modes; detuning & chorusing; and is designed to create ‘larger-than-life’ stereo fields.


  • Four reverb modes – Velvet Room, Hall Effect, Plate Glass, and Dark Energy
  • Far-reaching control sweeps, from “natural room sounds, to swirling soundscapes, to warbling resonances, to otherworldly washes”
  • Larger-than-life stereo field impression, superwide responses to all input signals
  • Smooth, lively detuning and chorusing
  • Fine-grained control of reverb frequency response
  • GPU-accelerated stereo field visualizer
  • Built-in presets

Pricing and Availability:

Velvetverb is available now for $60 USD.

One thought on “New Reverb Effect, Velvetverb, For Mac & Windows

  1. Is it possible to recreate these modulated reverbs by passing dry signal into some pitch and or chorus thing before the reverb? The pitch fx in this demo do sound surprisingly smooth.

    Demos that use long sustaining synth tones make it hard for me to evaluate a reverb. I get quite a bit of info about how a reverb sounds by hearing short percussive sounds.

    I do like those kinds of GUI’s for reverb, but they don’t have any bearing on whether the reverb itself scratches the itch.

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