Orchestral Tools Intros Tableau Chamber Strings Virtual String Section

Orchestral Tools has introduced Tableau Chamber Strings, a new virtual instrument designed to let you create the sound of a comprehensive chamber-sized string section.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“Tableau Chamber Strings delivers rich string sounds with 20 instruments: 5 first violins, 4 second violins, 4 violas, 4 celli, and 3 basses. All instruments were recorded in situ, with musicians in traditional seating positions, to give users the balanced, natural sound of a full chamber ensemble.

The new library was recorded with talented players on the large Teldex Scoring Stage in Berlin—the same location used for Tableau Solo Strings as well as Orchestral Tools’ own Berlin Series libraries. All sections were recorded with multiple mic positions, so that users can dial in a finely-tuned mix, or set up the mic channels for surround sound.

Instruments were captured using a single dynamic layer approach, which allowed players maximum freedom of expression during the sampling session. The players also recorded multiple dynamic articulations—swells, crescendos, and decrescendos—plus sustains and spiccato notes, giving users key ingredients for creating dramatic, emotional passages. In addition, long, melodic legato phrases were recorded within musical contexts to provide the most natural, realistic sound.”

Tableau Chamber Strings Walkthrough Video:

Here’s a walkthrough from composer Maxime Luft:

Pricing and Availability:

Tableau Chamber Strings is available now, priced at €179.

5 thoughts on “Orchestral Tools Intros Tableau Chamber Strings Virtual String Section

    1. This is a guess, but maybe it uses velocity to control both amplitude and EQ to “simulate” the changes that would occur from soft to loud. If they start with mf or f samples, that might work.

      Phase seems a little problematic when summed to mono. Well worth checking this before you buy.

      1. Oh, I can see they are just getting rid of dynamic switching and having different dynamic selections for sustained samples. Just soft, medium, or loud for them.

  1. Very well done, but its worth a few hundred bucks to buy a medium-sized orchestra plug as a base. Garritan, EastWest and Spitfire are three notables, IMO. You can buy upwards if you need greater articulation, but you can get capable ensembles and weirdo items for spicing up electronic stuff without breaking the bank with VSO.

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