BOSS RC-505 Mk2 Loop Station Takes Looping To New Level

BOSS has announced the RC-505 Mk2 Loop Station, a powerful looping workstation that offers 32-bit AD/DA conversion, 32-bit floating-point processing, 49 Input FX and 53 Track FX, dual XLR mic inputs, a pair of stereo line inputs and three stereo line output pairs.

BOSS RC-505 Mk2 Loop Station Features:

  • Tabletop looper with 5 stereo phrase tracks and onboard rhythm generator
  • 32-bit AD/DA and 32-bit floating-point processing
  • 5 stereo phrase tracks with dedicated controls and volume faders
  • Input FX and Track FX each offer up to 4 simultaneous effects (49 Input FX types, 53 Track FX types)
  • Mark Back function offers enhanced undo/redo functionality when performing
  • Comprehensive connectivity with 2 XLR microphone inputs with phantom power, 2 stereo line input pairs, and 3 stereo line output pairs
  • 99 memory locations, each with 5 phrase tracks, effects/playback settings, control assignments, and more
  • Deep MIDI support for integration with external controllers and hybrid setups
  • Over 200 onboard rhythm patterns and 16 drum kits
  • 2 control inputs support up to 2 footswitches or 1 expression pedal each
  • USB connection for data backup, phrase import/export with BOSS Tone Studio, and drum pattern import with the RC Rhythm Converter app

Pricing and Availability:

The BOSS RC-505mkII will be available in Q4 2021 for $599.99 USD.

23 thoughts on “BOSS RC-505 Mk2 Loop Station Takes Looping To New Level

  1. This was one of the funnest loopers ive used. So easy to operate, visual as far as timing with the circular loop meter. Easy to grab loops and overdubs. Perfect midi sync. Switching patterns is seamless and quick. FX are ok. This and an OP-1 made night pretty fun. Just cranking out rhythms and ambience.

  2. I haven’t purchased a looper yet, but I think maybe this is closer to what I want.

    Really I want a more standard feature looper and than a bit of an artsy looper, like the COSMOS that’s coming out.

  3. I love my 505 and don’t think I’ll bother upgrading based on the listed feature set ….unless I am able to nudge tracks

  4. Nor a big leap from the RC-500, thank goodness, or I’d have to buy another one. The RC-500 slaves and masters very well with MIDI devices, by the way. It takes the first loop you create (no count necessary), and instantly generates MIDI clock tempo for other syncing devices. Fun and musical.

  5. Should’ve gave it ins and outs for every loop track. As someone with many synths, what I really want is a cross between a mixer and a looper. I’ve been wanting it for several years and I’m absolutely confounded no one makes it yet.

  6. this is the only thing close to the fun of four tracking on cassette, but the sound quality limitations were its downfalll for anything other than live performance. i’ll have to have this.

  7. And (although I haven’t looked at the manual yet) I’m going to bet that Boss probably *still* hasn’t figured out how to implement any form of standard feedback/loop-aging/loop-decay on their phrase samplers.

    One of the most essential (and simplest) features on the majority of professional loop devices going all the way back to the 80’s, and Boss would much rather use their marketing engine to convince people that “if we ain’t got it, you don’t need it” rather than to actually bring their gear up to a usable spec. :^P

    1. i came here to write more or less the same… no variable feedback means hat my aging EDP has to stay in my rig alongside my OG 505 rather than upgrade to this

    1. It us a reallly good update to sn already very good and capable looper. Roland/Boss giot it kinda right thr first time, and now they have upped the soubdquality and features so why complain?

  8. > Over 200 onboard rhythm patterns and 16 drum kits
    > 99 memory locations, each with 5 phrase tracks,

    so from what i understand, one can use the RC-505 Mk2 solely as a drum machine, am i right?

    1. Yes. Like a Beat Buddy with a looper attached, and FX. I guess this new one lets you import patterns, maybe midi patterns. Audio patterns were already allowed in the MK1, just drag and drop…If I remember correctly. I do remember grabbing folders of 5 track loops I made, never really imported audio, just recorded it live.

  9. I’ll defer to a few of the complaints by earlier users. I know how cheesed off you can feel when those TWO last seemingly obvious key things are ignored. I’ll also defend Roland’s generally tough hardware, because if I was loop-minded, I’d see $600 as a rational price for the total power of it. Its like Elon Musk ate a Rubik’s Cube and pooped a looper. If you can keep five tracks going in your head, this is a good way to get there.

    1. Same problem for me this is why I send it back. Its a shame that they try to resell the same device from years ago without testing it properly.

  10. I miss class compliant. Would be nice with my ipad. I also want sd-card and better fx. More audio inputs is nice though.

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