Sound Magic Intros FusionX Virtual Bass Instrument

Sound Magic has introduced FusionX, a hybrid modelling virtual bass instrument for Mac and Windows.

FusionX is a new type of Bass instrument, based on a combination of several bass models including Fender Jazz Fretless, Gibson EB2 and Rickenbacker. You can select different bass for each technique, giving you a wide range of expressive possibilities.

FusionX is deeply sampled 21GB of over 23,000 samples, with multi velocity layers and round robin samples.

For each performance technique, Sound Magic recorded all 3 basses and picked the best sounding one as the primary sample set, so you get the best sound, but with the option to choose the backup sample sets.

FusionX also features Hotone’s VStomp effect system, which uses circuit component modeling to recreate the original device’s sound. VStomp has over 26 amps and 20 cabs. In addition, it offers multi effect/FX to let you create a unique sound.

Video Intro:

Pricing and Availability

FusionX is available now with an intro price of $99 (MSRP $199) through Nov 2021.

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