Synth Library Portland Announces New Synthesizer Lending Service

Synth Library Portland has announced a new gear Lending Program.

Synth Library Portland – a collectively-run non-profit organization that provides low-cost community access to electronic music gear and education in Portland, OR – has announced a new gear Lending Program.

The Lending Program lets residents of the Portland area check out synths, books, DVDs and other gear, including: Eurorack modular gear; Korg Volca synths; a Make Noise 0-Coast; Moog Mother-32, DFAM and Subharmonicon synthesizers; a Novation Bass Station II and more.

The new program launches 8/27. See the Synth Library Portland site for details.

6 thoughts on “Synth Library Portland Announces New Synthesizer Lending Service

    1. from portland…. omfg…. it will end up somewhere over hawthorne or se foster in some house with 15 people… do not miss portland and bad idea. the bike program was a disgrace. bet controlled voltage will be seeing a spike ofpeople wanting to trade or sell gear.

    2. If that were a problem, wouldn’t it be a no-brainer problem to fix by just requiring a deposit, credit card, etc?

      The concern I’d have would be that there’d be wear and tear over time so I wonder how they can cover repairs.

      It takes cool people figuring out solutions to these issues to make cool things like this lending library happen.

  1. I’m sorry w are you people on about? There are lending libraries in cities all over. It’s a fantastic idea worthy of support – for so many reasons. I don’t get (but I think I do) the negative comments. Find a local one of these and maybe donate a synth or module to them?

  2. Vancouver (BC) has a cool video lab and they lend out musical instruments too.
    What else are we going to spend our public money on – bombs? idle politicians?

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