11 thoughts on “The Fiddleridoo Is Part Didgeridoo & Part Electric Fiddle

  1. Who would have thought that two of the most annoying instruments sounded that good if combined? Actually enjoyed that second video.

  2. The fiddle part is pretty limited, since the notes cannot be changed. So it is limited to 4 notes (the number of strings). Fun as a curiosity, but not more.

    1. I was starting to think the same thing early on. Sorta cool concept if you want to basically listen to the same 5 notes over and over again. It would be cool if the two sound sources could modulate or interact with each other somehow, or at least be able to change the pitches on the “fiddle”.

      I think at the end of the day, it makes more sense to buy a didgeridoo and then just hire someone to play a real fiddle on your music.

    2. Some of my favorite songs consist of only two notes. Limitation is the best thing that can happen to an artist.

  3. Wow… I’ve often been thinking about new instruments, but I never saw that one coming. It looks like it’s easy to mount a fingerboard on the fiddle-part.

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