Sequential Take 5 Synthesizer First Look

In his latest BoBeats video, synthesist Bo Nurmi shares his thoughts on the new Sequential Take 5 synthesizer.

The Sequential Take 5 is a new five-voice VCO/VCF-based polyphonic synthesizer that combines features from the Prophet-5 rev4 with modern effects.

Topics covered:

00:00 intro & unboxing
01:56 sound demos & making a beat
07:24 walkthrough & patch examples
22:10 first impressions, pros & cons, alternatives

Check it out and share your thoughts on the Sequential Take 5 in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Sequential Take 5 Synthesizer First Look

  1. Kinda want a mashup of this and prophet 10. Ten voices, prophet filters, with sub osc waveform. It looks like you can stack the prophet 10 voices now, but that’s still a little clunky. So 10 voice version of this, with 5 octave keybard, maybe throw some wood panels on there. Would be nice. I’d pay lots for that. Also, watching this sweet video while eating a take 5 candy bar.

    1. The great thing about this synth is that it doesn’t cost a lot. I’m pretty sure someone will make wooden end panels available if that’s your thing. Would be interesting to know if there’s an internal header for an unreleased voice expansion board, though. Maybe not at this price…

  2. It definitely sounds good. I think the small size, coupled with the range transposition is a smart idea. Personally, I think I’m gonna stick with my Rev 2 for the 61 key range. Also, with the Creative Spiral programming, it’s really sounding authentically vintage when needed. Still, this thing sounds great. It’s like a mix of many of their great products wrapped up in a compact, relatively inexpensive package.

  3. its about the size/price of the monoevolver, which i owned for a little while myself – it was decent but didnt justify its price… whereas this one seems much closer to the mark

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