VCV Rack 2 Coming Soon, Here’s A Preview

Open-source virtual modular synthesizer VCV Rack is about to get a major update.

The developer shared this sneak preview for VCV Rack 2, the biggest update yet for the popular modular synth platform for Linux, macOS & Windows.

The update promises an updated user interface, a Dark Mode for ‘patching at night’, workflow improvements to streamline browsing for modules and patching, and a VST plugin version.

Pricing and Availability

VCV Rack 2 is scheduled for release in November:

  • VCV Rack Community Edition will be available as free/open-source software.
  • VCV Rack Studio Edition, which will include a VST plugin version and professional support, will available with an intro price of $99 ($149 after release sale).

Additional details are still to be announced.

11 thoughts on “VCV Rack 2 Coming Soon, Here’s A Preview

    1. wow thats wild, “You’d see people–people much more technically experienced than me–asking reasonable technical questions in the development channel of the project’s Discord, and Andrew Belt would tell them how much he charges per hour for consulting.” Sheesh the main developer sounds like a total ****, this sucks since VCV is amazing =(

    2. Appreciate you posting that.

      This guarantees that I will never buy this product. These kinds of bullies should have no place in the community.

      1. well, as one of the hundreds of module developers for VCV, I can tell you that is one person’s opinion, but it probably doesn’t represent the opinion of most of us? Andrew is perhaps not the best behaved person I have ever met, but it would be quite a stretch to rank him up with mega-****s like Linus Torvalds or Steve Jobs. Just my opinion.

        1. I was thinking of Torvalds, too, who leads one of the most successful open source projects ever and is famously dismissive of people that he sees as less than competent or distractions.

          There are lots of examples of successful leaders that aren’t especially likeable, that have done great things. To the point that not worrying about being a nice guy is probably a common trait of successful leaders.

          To head a project like VCV Rack, you would have to develop tactics for avoiding people that want you to do things for them that you have no time for, and not getting slowed down by people that think you are doing things wrong, but who aren’t willing to fork the project and actually do the work.

          Results speak for themselves. VCV Rack is hugely successful and none of the complainers have done the work to make a successful fork.

  1. Price info from the developer (in his youtube comment on the above video)

    VCV Rack Community Edition will be GPLv3 (free/open-source).
    VCV Rack Studio Edition will be $99 ($149 after release sale) and include VST2 plugin support (+more plugin formats later) and professional support.

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