Mayer Intros MD900 Desktop Synthesizer & M800-R2 Eurorack Synthesizer

Mayer Electronic Music Instruments has introduced the MD900, a multitimbral polyphonic desktop synthesizer.

The MD900 offers polyphony of 16 voices, shared by the 4 multi-timbral parts. Each of the 4 parts have their own effect stack (with flanger, chorus, vibrato, reverb, delay and other options).

The heart of the voice are the two aliasing-free oscillators (OSC1,OSC2). The oscillators have two different modes: Wavetable- or Algorithm-oscillator. Each of them can run in 4 instances with detuning capabilities and spread in the stereo channels in a different way. The Noise is a sample based oscillator which can be restarted with the Note-On, run free with fix pitch or follow the Note-On pitch.

All oscillator outputs are stereo. These stereo outputs will feed in the mixer section. The output of the mixer has two paths which are the input for both stereo multimode filters (A/B). Both filter outputs feed the amps (A/B) and final these stereo outputs feed the effect stack.


  • The overall audio path is stereo. The oscillator, mixer filter, amps and effects are all in stereo.
  • Four independent arpeggiator und step sequenzer assigned to each of the four synth parts. The trigger sequencer may trigger the built in transient sample player (Drum Kit .wav) or send triggers to MIDI-Out (USB-DIN or USB-MIDI)
  • The housing is made of aluminum with real walnut wood on the front and back.
  • All components are industrial grade. Precision potentiometers with aluminum covered knobs.
  • Four independent arpeggiators
  • Step sequencer assigned to each of the four synth parts.
  • The trigger sequencer may trigger the built-in transient sample player (Drum Kit .wav) or send triggers to MIDI-Out (USB-DIN or USB-MIDI)

The MD900 XVA engine is also patch compatible with the new M800-R2 Eurorack synthesizer.

The Mayer M800-R2 is an extended Virtual Analog [XVA] eurorack polyphonic synthesizer module.

It’s essentially a Euro format version of the MD900, and patches can be shared between the two.

Details on both synths are available at the Mayer site.

12 thoughts on “Mayer Intros MD900 Desktop Synthesizer & M800-R2 Eurorack Synthesizer

  1. This is a project that began 2012, it has been a labour of love. This predates Waldorf M by many years, and it is far more capable than the Waldorf. This is the first synth I have been interested in since the Modal Series 2. I have already contacted them and I am prepared to place a deposit.

  2. It looks like four outputs on the back but it says there’s only a left and right stereo output? That would be too bad with 4 multi-timbral parts.

  3. First detail I look for is price, the second is everything else. Price says “we’re releasing it” and if I can afford it or want to try to. So many options in the synth market, you can always do the “This one doesn’t have the….. thing I like, no after touch, awwww”, etc. Price is king is such a flooded market. Some people have a keystep, others have a keystep pro and douchebags have both:)

    1. Modern3 posted under “UDO Super 6 Desktop A ‘No-Compromise’ Compact Analog Hybrid Synthesizer” a link to a German website where they claim that the price for the MD900 will be around €3000.

  4. This looks promising. I’m not familiar with this manufacturer but it looks like they’ve made smart hardware choices. It appears to be inspired by Waldorf (the layout and knobs), Nord (bc of the buttons) and Roland SH-32 style sliders. I always like having sliders for the envelopes. I’ll check their site for audio/video demos.

  5. Extra displays for some sections what a luxury!

    Multi-timbral instruments i like to see more, having it optional as an expansion would be amazing way to not alienate users with less cash to spend.

  6. In terms of raw specifications and options…(and regardless who was first, as the resemblance to newer Waldorf products is uncanny) …this smokes the M wavetable (and I love Waldorf).

  7. anyone know if it has recordable motion sequencing? it must right?! that is a deal breaker for me. the mod matrix is pretty nice though.

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