IK Multimedia UNO Synth Pro Gets Free Patch Editor

IK Multimedia has released UNO Synth Pro Editor, a free patch editor for their UNO Synth Pro.

The UNO Synth Pro Editor gives you full access to all the parameters of the UNO Synth Pro hardware, using your Mac or Windows computer, to create, save and manage presets.

Pricing and Availability

The UNO Synth Pro Editor is available now as a free download

5 thoughts on “IK Multimedia UNO Synth Pro Gets Free Patch Editor

    1. Yeah, I never saw the appeal in this.
      It seems kinda expensive for what it is.
      I know it’s analogue rather than digital, but you can get synths that do a lot more for less money.
      I have been tempted to get the OG Uno though. It’s regularly on sale for about £100.

      1. I have/had a few of their products and from what I can tell some of these products have design flaws. These mistakes are so basic that it makes you wonder..

        2 examples:

        – The stand that comes with their 25 i/o keyboard blocks the output on the back.
        – The bag for the ilouds doesn’t have a divider between the speakers, which causes scratches 100%.

        The company knows about these issues but doesn’t do anything about it and keeps selling them.

      2. I own a Uno Synth Pro. The analog character is excellent. I don’t need a hydrasynth explorer because I can make those sounds on my iPad.

        The raw synth (pre-fx) is way more interesting to me than the Typhon (which I’m selling currently): 3 oscs, many crossmod options, direct integrated sequencer, etc. Compared to the behringer clones it has preset storage which is very helpful for live performance etc.

        Don’t get me wrong, I think IK as a company isn’t that great. I owned two Uno Drums and both of them had flaws with the pads that made them practically unusable. Peter’s (IK communications staff) stalking of all forums for any bad things said about their products and denying issues is gross. And their requirement to register your product to get firmware updates (and charging money to transfer that registration) is disgusting.

        But I still really like my Uno Synth Pro and am happy with it. The only real complaints I have are that the headphone output sounds horrible (the main out is fine) and that the capacitive touch keyboard is not reliable enough for performance (but I only use it sometimes while building patches so its not a big deal).

  1. Well, it is only more expensive if you are talking about the fullsized version; the desktop version, which I have, is identical to the larger one only smaller and sans keys. And its awesome, I love it; I just the other day had to make the choice of returning either it or the Moog Grandmother I bought the other week, and the Grandmother is the one that went back to the store.

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