Expressive-E Osmose At Superbooth 2021

At Superbooth 2021, Expressive E was showing the latest prototype of their upcoming Osmose synthesizer.

The Osmose uses the same synth engine as the Haken Continuum, Eaganmatrix. Eaganmatrix has been tailored to real-time per-note expressive control. What makes the Osmose unique, though, is that it implements high-resolution per-note expressive control with piano keys. This makes it easy for experienced players to adapt to, building on their existing technique.

This demo focuses primarily on the performance capabilities of the Osmose keyboard, including discrete control over attack and dynamics, polyphonic aftertouch, vibrato, glide and more.

Pricing and Availability

The Expressive E Osmose is currently under development and is expected to be available by the end of 2021, priced at $1799.

12 thoughts on “Expressive-E Osmose At Superbooth 2021

  1. I ordered and paid a deposit for this the day it was announced, so its been a long wait with sketchy and intermittent comms from Expressive E….but even after all this time it is still (in my opinion) the most expressive synth I have heard. I hope we get a realistic delivery date soon, must be getting close now.

    1. i choose to be hopeful like you! Yes, a long dev (admittedly with a pandemic in the middle of it, creating work issues, and parts problems for everyone), but glad it’s coming together.

  2. Since the pre ordering no new orders were accepted. In the meantime the price of 1799 is no longer valid, it’s 1814 now. I hope we get the chance to order before EE decides to increase the price once more…

  3. I do think this is a ground-breaking keyboard, and the fact that it is not being manufactured by one of the biggies– as well as supply-line challenges due to the global pandemic– make delays completely forgivable. Also, I appreciate that they are taking extra steps to get it right now rather than fix problems later.

    The fact that they are bringing it to market under 2K still impresses me.

  4. I only want them to produce the sound / synth engine as a standalone desktop unit.
    – because I already have some keyboard with pressure aftertouch and 1 with poly aftertouch (Ensoniq).

    1. I’d argue that maybe the eurorack module they just released at Superbooth ’21 is what you want then.

      I have an Ensoniq EPS as well, but this is a different level of fidelity and responsiveness per note that is not there with the EPS.

      Alternately, maybe pick up a desktop Hydrasynth?

      You could also midi to an MPE vst for Ensoniq mileage, I used to do that with the Arturia CS-80V

    2. I agree that the sound engine alone is quite a value. But it kind of defeats the purpose of what they are trying to achieve. Also, the sound engine in a box would need to come from Haken, not Expressive E.

    3. You are in luck! Haken Audio released an Eagan Matrix eurorack module that has the same polyphony as the Continuumini. Its 1-8 voice depending on the patch so not as powerful, but you can get the sound for sure. I think it’s $800.

  5. I’m so glad I got in on the early pre-orders. It’s been a few extenuating circumstances regarding production but I’m not worried. In fact, seeing the cool new things this can do makes me feel energized. I’m glad they’re not rushing it out but instead taking the time to really get it right.

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