Future Retro Vectra Synthesizer (Sneak Preview)

Future Retro’s Jered Flickinger shared this extended preview of their upcoming Vectra synthesizer.

The Future Retro Vectra promises to offer a unique take on synthesis, with a keyboard that appears to build on their 512 capacitive touch keyboard, and an interface that features four joystick-style controllers.

“I started working on the new Vectra synthesizer the first day of 2021,” notes Flickinger, “and every day since has been consumed with coming up with the concept and design for this instrument, writing the software, designing the hardware, laying out the PCB’s, building the prototypes, and developing the sounds. Still a few refinements to be made, but overall very pleased with the results.
Truly a unique instrument, with innovative features most have yet to experience.”

Details are still to be announced at the FR site.

All sounds in the video demo from the Future Retro Vectra, with additional effects from an Eventide Eclipse.

Check out the video and share your thoughts on the new Future Retro Vectra in the comments!

13 thoughts on “Future Retro Vectra Synthesizer (Sneak Preview)

  1. Questo slogan è una contraddizione di termini paradossale, o si guarda al futuro o al passato: un futuro non è diretto all’indietro a meno che non esista una realtà alla Escher.Sicuramente chi lo ha coniato voleva indicare un paradossalità costruttiva e sonora. Meglio un future future, il nostro spazio-tempo è di tipo entropico direttivo : si è diretti solo in avanti, non si ritorna indietro.

  2. If I can play Robotron with it I am sold.

    Seriously, it sounds great. I still have a 777 from Future Retro and will never sell it. I’m hoping that the Vectra is an analog synth at heart.

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