Ableton Intros Live 11.1 Beta With Apple Silicon Support

Ableton today announced Live 11.1, now available as a beta release, an update that adds support for Apple Silicon Macs and a variety of other improvements.

Ableton Live 11.1 adds native support for Apple computers running on the M1 Silicon chip.

This release also comes with a wide variety of improvements, including an updated Shifter device, which adds a new mode for real-time monophonic pitch shifting, as well as delay, an envelope section, an LFO and glide functionality.

Two new Max for Live utilities, Align Delay and MIDI Shaper are also added. Align Delay allows artists to compensate for lag when sending signals throughout their system. MIDI Shaper generates modulation data that can bring more expression to MIDI performances.

Additional features include improvements to comping, updates to Clip handling, and more.

Live 11.1 is available now as a beta release – which means that it’s still in the development process and you could encounter bugs. Full details are available at the Ableton site.

11 thoughts on “Ableton Intros Live 11.1 Beta With Apple Silicon Support

    1. My M1 Mac Mini isn’t good with Ableton. I can easily overburden the CPU. Hopefully this fixes it, but I’m doubting it. It also crashes all the time, but I think that’s the sound card.

      1. I have an M1 Mac Mini as my DAW as well and gave 11.1 a try. So far the CPU meter is good and I’m getting much less crashes. Before (in 11), every time I’d turn off a audio interface in my massive duct-taped patchwork of an aggregate device I would get a crash. That hasn’t happened to me yet!

  1. Basically latency for the M1 is constrained by the audio interface, it runs more instances, it runs cooler…its a beast. I’m still gonna wait till more stable native apps catch up and my audio interface is proven as solid as my Intel chip… Also I kind of think the next macpro is likely early next year… i can onlly imagine how powerful it will be… basically future proof i bet…

    1. That’s got to be the stupidest comment I’ve ever read on the Internet, and I read a lot of stupid sh*t on the Internet. You do realize that Live and Logic are two completely different DAWs, right? One is absolutely nothing like the other. Why shouldn’t Live users just use the 11.1 beta until 11.1 is officially released?

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