Insane Korg Minilogue Mod Adds Glowing Brain, Sliding Keyboard

Swedish audiovisual artist and craftsman Love Hultén shared this short demo of his latest synth mod, a redesign of the Korg Minilogue.

Hultén specializes in creating one-of-a-kind objects that combine traditional craftsmanship with modern tech.

Should more synths incorporate glowing brains and CRT’s? Check out the demo and share your thoughts in the comments!

21 thoughts on “Insane Korg Minilogue Mod Adds Glowing Brain, Sliding Keyboard

    1. Yeah – this guy’s work is always inspirational.

      It would be cool if the glowing brain reflected activity of the synth. Maybe have the oscilloscope signal modulating the light on the brain or something like that!

  1. Awesome looking piece of art as usual! But it got me wondering: he’s selling some of those pieces, but is that entirely legal considering the innards (synth circuitry) are not actually his design? Just curious about the legality of this.

    1. A very good question! He buys them, rehouses them, resells them. There’s no more legal issue with it than there is with you selling a used piece of gear on eBay or Reverb. You own it, you can sell it in any fashion you want, at any price. One of the many advantages of hardware over software 🙂

      1. That seems logical. But in that case, could I start a company that mass-buy a certain synth, change the casing and mass resell it at a premium price with my brand name on it? That may possibly not be viable financially but it’s just for the sake of argument.

        1. You could, but nobody would buy it. You have to substantially alter the original product to create a value proposition. That will cost more than the original. Therefore, you have no market. Which is why nobody does this. A few customs one-offs, which do not infringe trademarks or copyrights are not a problem legally.

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