Pittsburgh Modular Flamingo Module Overview & Demo

Pittsburgh Modular shared this extended intro video for their new Flamingo Eurorack module.

The module is part of PM’s ‘Safari’ series, a line of limited edition modules that are intended as proof of concepts for exploring new design ideas.

In the video, PM’s Richard Nicol and Michael Johnsen discuss the design of the Flamingo and demonstrate its sonic possibilities.

They say that the Flamingo builds on a concept discussed, but never implemented, by Don Buchla.  The Flamingo introduces Center Clipping and Harmonic Interpolation to analog synthesis.

  • Center Clipping is a method of shaping a waveform from the inside out. Independently pulling the top half or bottom half of a waveform toward the middle.
  • Taking it a step further, Overtone adds another dimension to the analog waveform gymnastics by sliding and inverting the top and/or bottom of the waveform back on itself creating new types of wave shapes and shifting the fundamental in and out of focus.
  • The complex wave shaping capabilities of Center Clipping come at a cost. Center Clipping is a destructive process that can dramatically reduce the amplitude of waveforms. Harmonic Interpolation is the process of attempting to restore the center clipped waveform by allowing the analog circuitry to guess what the waveform should look like.

See the PM site for details.

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