Vector Synth Hands-On Demo

In this video, synthesist Benn Jordan takes a hands-on look at the Vector synthesizer, a digital synth module that features a hybrid synth engine, 16-voice polyphony, a deep arpeggiator, effects and more.


  • Hybrid synthesis engine
  • Complex modulators
  • 16 voice polyphony with per-voice filters
  • Arpeggiator with a step sequencer
  • 4 effects
  • 7″ capacitive touchscreen
  • 25 smooth infinite rotary encoders
  • 7 toggle switches
  • Metal case 29×18×5cm (total height 7.5cm)
  • Stereo 6.35mm output (2× mono jack)
  • Stereo 6.35mm headphone output
  • Ethernet port
  • USB device, USB host
  • MIDI TRS input and output ports
  • 32-bit internal processing
  • 32-bit DAC (106dB SNR)
  • Firmware update via LAN or USB drive

See the Vector Synth site for details.

3 thoughts on “Vector Synth Hands-On Demo

  1. 32-bit DAC with 106db SNR? Something doesn’t add up there, 106db is barely below 16-bit noise floor. Looks like a very interesting unit though.

    1. Interesting indeed, especially consider how small the development team is (two individuals I believe) and as for the 32-BIT DAC, that could be a function of the quality of the DAC used rather than the theoretical ratios.

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