Arturia MicroFreak v4 Adds Wavetable Support & More

Arturia has released a free firmware update for the MicroFreak, adding new synthesis options and more.

Firmware V4.0 ‘takes MicroFreak on a sonic expedition to the edge of wavetable synthesis’, with a brand new engine, user wavetable compatibility, new presets and more.

00:00 Intro
00:11 WaveUser Engine
00:33 Sequencer Unison and Chord Voices

See the Arturia site for details

40 thoughts on “Arturia MicroFreak v4 Adds Wavetable Support & More

      1. But it wins again if you don’t care about the keyboard, and use it as a module…

        but loses it again because you have to reattach the keyboard for firmware updates

        1. Wait, “reattach the keyboard”?
          Can you take it off? Or can you just not have an external keyboard plugged in while it updates?

        1. I wouldn’t be happy with the keys if it was my only synth, but it’s an interesting option to have. The capacitive aftertouch is a lot of fun. It’s expressive. And the non-mechanical keys are fun too if you want to go fast or slide. Depends on what you’re playing. Sometimes it’s a pain. But for some stuff it’s better.

        1. Yes. One could use the PCB keyboard to control the sequencer or explore the poly AT and then hook up an external midi controller pretty easily for external control if desired.

        1. they don’t work on pressure, which is probably the reason people find them so confusing. its about how much surface area of your finger is present on the key. once you figure out you don’t need pressure, just lower your finger so it’s more than just the tips, it’s actually fun to play and modulate.

  1. I wonder how much this would cost with the “best” keys.

    Best firmware updates goes to Akai and firmware updates spanning their MPC/Force product line. About 2-3 firmware updates, all pretty massive if you consider a drum synth, multiple plugin instruments/FX, Mutlichannel audio interface support, akai Forces disk streaming and a whole much of other misc. updates/additions.

    Wavetable support and a few synth engines, kewl. When did wavetables become so cool and a focus for so many companies? Seem like it just sprung up. I bought that 4MS wavetable module and since them wavetables are everywhere, Tracker, Deluge(soon), ASM, Korg and a bunch of others falling in line. Its fun but I dont get the mass appeal.

  2. we need a minifreak.

    i liked the keys a lot when i had one. just would like a more thorough instrument. 16 or 24 voices, more filter options, improved sequencer, effects, etc. maybe make it bi-timbral.

    1. This synth keeps getting better and better! I don’t know why I haven’t snagged one yet, but this update is going to fix that I think. Would love to see a MatrixFreak some day!

      1. I’ve been thinking the same thing. A larger, more substantial instrument. Maybe like a modern take on a Buchla but for Arturia prices. 🙂

        1. Yup, I say minifreak because I don’t think it warrants a $2,000 flagship matrixfreak, but something in the $500-$700 range to maybe be considered a competitor of the hydrasynth explorer or desktop module.

          Right now I need something compact that plays chords (more than 4 voices) and the hydrasynth explorer is looking like a good option, but a minifreak might be even more preferable.

  3. Still one of the best Frankensynths in a long time. I wonder what it would be like as a Mk. II, with a tougher build and just a few more goodies?

    1. +11. Would be very curious to hear what this sounds like with a 100% digital signal path. Analog filter is always a good time but so is polyphonic playability. Or, egad, multitimbrality. I suspect this little wonder might really be worth the trade-offs. Maybe that’s not a MKII but a separate product, wildly named, “PolyFreak” or “MultiFreak”?

    2. well the one thing they could add for sure is effects, if it had a good reverb, chorus and overdrive/dist/bitcrush it would make it a beast, especially if it was routed in the mod matrix

  4. brilliant synth – the only draw back is the limited MIDI spec, bar that a fantastic synth. The updates just how shabby some manufacturers are

    1. And you should know that with all your experience from the late 60’s until now! What else new equipment do you use when you make music nowdays, Klaus Schultze?

  5. Fantastic firmware update. Update loaded with ease and no errors. Thank you Arturia!! I have only one other wish. Would it be possible to add Reverb to this unit. Just stick it in with the utilities with a depth adjustment.

  6. Novation needs to get their act together and update the Peak. It’s crazy that Arturia keeps updating a $250 synth, but Novation is letting $1300 Peak linger, when there are a handful of obvious features that need improvement/addition.

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