Sextuple Quadraphonic Spatial Director Now Available To Pre-Order

Kilpatrick Audio and A Yellow Sine have introduced the Sextuple Quadraphonic Spatial Director (SQSD), is a fully analog performance-oriented joystick controller and quadraphonic panning mixer that can be used as a standalone device or integrated into a Buchla system.

The SQSD combines six joystick, capable of generating control voltage, with a six-input equal panning mixer, allowing for intuitive and fun control of spatial sound in both stereo and quadraphonic speaker configurations.

Each of the six joysticks generate two control voltage signals: one for each axis of motion. These CV outputs can modulate parameters on compatible voltage-controlled electronic music equipment. A Banana to Minijack Adapter kit is available to connect the SQSD to 3.5mm control voltage destination or sources.

Quadraphonic sound involves the use of four speakers to create an immersive listening experience in which sounds can move around the listener, from front to back, side to side and everywhere in between. It’s been a long-time surround format popular with Buchla users.

Two dedicated location control inputs are available for each of the six channels. You can connect control voltage signals from a sequencer, envelope or LFO to these inputs, but the joysticks are a nice, natural fit. If you want to move a sound to the rear left-side, just move the joystick to the rear-left side. Want to make a sound rotate around the room? Just rotate the joystick and the sound will follow.

The twelve joystick CV outputs and location control inputs are grouped together, and can be easily patched with shorting bars. Convenient DIP switches on the back of the unit normalize these connections without the need for any patching.
DIP switches also allow for the selection of either 0 to 10V or -5V to +5V CV ranges for the location control inputs.

The last part of the SQSD is the mixer section. Up to six channels of sound can become part of the quadraphonic or stereo spatial direction, with each channel having its own dedicated level control and LED indicator light. There’s a main mix output control as well with LEDs for each of the four outputs.

The SQSD is designed to integrate seamlessly with an existing Buchla-format setup, but a self-contained, powered enclosure option is also available. This allows for quadraphonic panning right out of the box, with no additional hardware required.


  • Buchla (4U) two space module
  • Low-noise CV and audio signal path
  • No digital circuitry used – 100% analog design!
  • Six channel quadraphonic mixer with voltage control
  • Six joysticks with X and Y outputs: 0-10V = L>R, 0-10V = S>F
  • Six quadraphonic constant-power directional panners with voltage control
  • Internal normalling switches to connect joysticks to directional panners
  • Directional panners can accept -5V to +5V or 0-10V (DIP switch selectable)
  • Audio inputs support >10Vpk (>20dBu) max input level
  • Audio inputs have 0dB/+10dB selectable gain (DIP switch selectable)
  • Audio outputs support >10Vpk (>20dBu) max output level
  • Audio input and output signal level indicators (-16dB min. indication)
  • Audio jacks available as Switchcraft 3.5mm minijacks or Tini-Jax®
  • Banana jacks use Johnson / Cinch banana connectors
  • High-quality brushed anodized aluminum panel
  • Warranty: 1 year

Pricing and Availability

The SQSD is available to pre-order for $1,750 USD, or $2,250 USD with the custom-made, powered enclosure.

13 thoughts on “Sextuple Quadraphonic Spatial Director Now Available To Pre-Order

  1. you essentially only need 4 speakers, 4 VCAs, a 4 channel mixer, 1 joystick and one sound source to be able to quad pan

    not sure how the rest of this is worth $1750

    1. Consumer electronic devices rarely a good investment. If a device sells poorly, manufacturers typically cut prices to clear out inventory without losing money.

  2. expensive, presumably cus of the buchla custies who are used to premium pricing. $500 for a stand alone case seems like a straight rip off to me.

  3. It’s a reasonably convincing Buchla style module design but the awful video shows that Kilpatrick does not understand the target audience. It’s also priced like a 200e module but doesn’t have preset storage.

  4. Must be cheaper ways to get quad panning from your moduar? Like using a soundcard with multiple inputs and outputs and software like Max/MSP with some quad panners.
    Still I guess this module will be good for people with a buchla system, they probably have the $$$ too..

  5. Saw a performance with a Therevox ET-5 and a Buchla setup that had this thing at Knobcon this afternoon. It was a great piece but I think most of the awesomeness came from the Therevox.

    Quad sound in general still just seems like a psychedelic gimmick to me. But then I tend to be a headphone listener and I don’t have four ears. I don’t even like stereo autopan very much unless it’s kept subtle. Stuff doesn’t need to spin around the room in music, and I feel like most good quad performances would be equally good in stereo.

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