Dreadbox Intros DYSPHONIA Eurorack & Desktop Synthesizer DIY Kit

Dreadbox has introduced Dysphonia, a DIY kit that lets you build a complete Eurorack synth voice. They say the kit is “ideal for inexperienced DIYers.”

The voice board is pre-built. Builders need to solder jacks, sliders, switches and headers, assemble and calibrate. All components needed to complete the project are included.


  • Full Voice Modular Synthesizer with Open Architecture
  • Powerful Sound Designing machine
  • It can be used as a Desktop or a Eurorack synthesizer
  • It comes along with a dedicated USB to Eurorack power converter
  • It is consisted of 13 individual sections
  • Ideal for inexperienced DIYers
  • Analog Oscillator with 4 waves
  • 3x Analog VCA
  • Passive Signal Multiplier
  • CV and Audio 3-to-1 Mixer
  • High precision MIDI to CV/ Gate converter
  • 1ms/stage Snappy AD Envelope
  • Wide range Analog LFO
  • 24dB 4-pole Analog Self-Oscillating Low Pass Filter
  • 12dB 2-pole Analog Multi mode Filter
  • Hybrid Echo (as found on the Erebus synthesizer)
  • Sophisticated digital Modulator with 4 different modes:
  • LFO – Wide range, 4 waveforms and delay function
  • RANDOM – Classic Sample & Hold or Key triggered with lag Filter
  • ENVELOPE – Snappy 1ms/stage, Attack – Decay or Attack – Release
  • CC – Modulation Wheel, Velocity, Aftertouch, Unipolar or Bipolar

Pricing and Availability

The Dysphonia is available to pre-order for 185.00 € (normally 230.00 €).

30 thoughts on “Dreadbox Intros DYSPHONIA Eurorack & Desktop Synthesizer DIY Kit

  1. ‘SINGLE RUN. Limited Number of Kits.’

    Just get your production in order Dreadbox and stop hyping the limited edition nonsense.

    Limited edition only means they want customers to open their wallets as fast as possible.

    1. @Champ: Having a bad day?
      Limited Edition means that this kit is limited, what is the problem… if you want one you can get one.
      If you don´t want one, you don´t have to buy one, right?
      You can also buy something that is not limited from Dreadbox 😉

      Beside that…it´s a lot packed into this module. Not sure if it is a bit fiddely with the sliders between the patchcables, but might work somehow…

      Have a nice day…and spread love! 🙂

      1. And releasing a DIY kit usually mean a lot more of customer support to provide. It’s completeley understandable if they dont want to make it a widely distributed product. And this price, even without the preorder discount, is really great.

        1. Love Dreadbox, but support on their DIY stuff was never great. And if the ground plane on this is anything like the Antiphon, a good number of people are gonna need that support.

          Source: me, owner of an Antiphon that has never worked.

          1. Ouch. But this one looks a lot easier than the Antiphon. You’re just soldering on the pots and jacks as far as I can see.

  2. This looks great, and definitely like a fun kit to start DIYing!

    Packing DIY kits is a different beast from mass production, I believe them when they say it’s a limited run as this looks labor-intensive to put together. Getting people to preorder is probably the best way to scope out how many should be made.

    And so far they haven’t re-released any of their kits, which have all been great for their price point. Anyway this absolutely looks like a fun little box.

    1. Not a preorder. Ordered mine yesterday, already shipped and being delivered on the 11th.
      Probably just a limited run, already secured parts, just selling till their out.

  3. Bought it and have no idea how it sounds. Always wanted to get into DIY modules, was just waiting for the right one. If it goes well, I’ll have all the tools to do more, if it fails, I’m out 200 bucks. Risk taker!

    1. “Oh no, a company used a former product launch to promote an opinion on a social issue that is not identical to my own opinion. I shall take revenge by posting snarky remarks on synthesizer blogs whenever they release something new. That will show them”.

      1. Look another woke person thinking he/she/it/whatever is smart.

        Nobody gets saved by Dreadbox marketing nonsense. Stop believing that companies care. 😉

        1. Companies are people. I met the people of this particular company, and they care. Your cynicism is not helping anyone.

          1. People are companies. I met the Champ, and their cynisicm has helped alot of people . Your gatekeeping is not very inclusive.

  4. I wonder if I could get a similarly satisfying experience if I went through whatever pains it would take to link a nice hardware controller to one of the 6 or 7 nice iOS synths I have. It would take a similar amount of time, and probably be a little less likely to burn myself. Probably inhale a similar amount of toxic fumes.

  5. It’s 42HP for anyone else who is wondering. I might be blind but I couldn’t find that anywhere until I downloaded the PDF manual and searched it for “HP”

    1. Yeah, they didnt make it easy to find. No sound demos either so another risk. I’m starting a new case so I just went for it but if you had an open slot trying to figure out if this fit. No dice unless your ready for an adventure in searching for HP.

  6. Great job on the name as usual for Dreadbox. Dysphonia, hoarse voice, haha! Euphonia on the other hand applies to a bird or Faber’s “Fabulous Talking Machine” an early attempt at speech synthesis.

  7. I’ve ordered one.
    I’ve been wanting to dip my toe into modular but have been put off by the price.
    I’ve enjoyed making some DIY effect pedals so am quite looking forward to this.
    Am also looking forward to maybe hooking it up with my Neutron for some modulation fun.
    Nice work Dreadbox.

  8. I wish Deadbox would share a detailed schematic like they did for Lil’ Erebus, or point to point block diagram along with injection and extraction points, but diagram more consistent with the device. The unit I purchased on Reverb not working, needing to be troubleshot, only the LFO section functioning to the LFO output was low (off).

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